Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga – Episode 7 – “Like a Fire Burning Bright”

Last time, this show did something extraordinary and had an episode where things actually happened. Will the string of good luck carry onward, with this episode? I really hope so, I need something out of this show to justify my continuing coverage of it.

…okay, touché, show. Shura pulling out the Kurikara Sword from her chest? That’s enough to justify this, just for the GIF of it alone. Okay, here’s the context of the scene: something about Shura and Yukio arguing over what Rin should do, should he or shouldn’t he go through with saving everyone from hellish doom, and then Shura just gives the sword to Rin, to draw it. And he can’t draw it, because reasons. And then Mephisto shows up, speaks some German phrases, and a giant claw pulls Rin through a portal with Mephisto saying he’s been convicted and sentenced to death. Because… why, exactly? It has something to do with an imprisonment spell being cast, but I’m a bit lost on what this is, and when it happened, so I’m just gonna throw my hands up in the air on this one. So screw Rin, apparently, everyone else will take on the Impure King and save the day. Ain’t that lovely. Meanwhile, Mamushi has returned to her clergymen and confesses that she helped revive the Impure King, and now she needs everyone to band together to defeat said beast. I guess they’re awfully forgiving, since they don’t insist on punishing her for, you know, being a traitor and siding with evil. Whatever, show, whatever. Shura shows up a moment later, clothes in hand to give to all the other kids, and–

…really? THAT’S the reason why Rin… I’m sorry, I need to step away for a moment.

[legitimate head-bashing and yelling “STUPID! STUPID SHOW!!!” break]

Okay, I’m better. Anyway, she gives the sword to Bon, and the letter saying Rin’s power is needed to defeat the Impure King and this show got really stupid because why woULD YOU IMPRISON THE ONE CHARACTER YOU NEED TO DEFEAT THE BIG BAD YOU STUPID AND POORLY WRITTEN–…I’m better, I’m calm, I’m alright. Shura tells the group that they need to break Rin out of prison… again, I have to ask WHY–I’m okay, really, I am. Leave it to Bon to lead the charge and say “we’re breaking him out” and have everyone follow suit, while Renzo tries to argue the moral high ground of crossing the Vatican’s orders… look, guy, you’re cute and all, but you can be really dumb sometimes. So the group arrives to Rin’s cell, and sure enough, the silver cell door talks. Because of course it does. And it freezes everyone except Shiemi solid, because she is, in the cell’s words, weak and poses no threat. And seeing how the door can be opened from the outside – and only the outside – Shiemi enters and finds Rin on the other side, atop a hill of scrap metal… okay. I’ll give the short version of this exchange: Rin’s acting all like “I’m a monster, go away,” Shiemi doesn’t go away, Rin flares up but his blue flames are a comforting warm, so Shiemi gets closer and hugs Rin, and then they both burst out from the cell, voiding everything in this episode of any purpose. Rin makes up with everyone, they each say why they’re okay with Rin now, and off they go, ready to fight the Impure King. And I think I can sum up this entire episode with three simple words:




Nothing in this episode served a purpose. NOTHING. Rin being put in prison? Broken out by the end of the episode. And that was the entire basis of this episode’s story, rendered completely useless and void by the end. You all want a definition of a “filler” episode, here you go: episode 7 of Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga. 24 minutes of useless and pointless filler. I didn’t even need to do a recap of this episode, but it’s only out of obligation that I am. You all didn’t even have to read this, either, just wait for the next episode; the tease at the end showed that this is gearing up toward its third act, where – HOPEFULLY – the show will kick into high gear. But man, this episode? Pointless and useless, from start to finish. Bad outing, bad episode. Go watch KonoSuba instead and go read Kadeem’s weeklies on those, too.

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