Surreal Resolution News Post #1 – A Load of New Stuff!

Hello, readers! Surreal Resolution is steadily growing, so tonight we made a ton of announcements regarding current and future content, via a “News Post” livestream. (Though, after tonight, we might call them “Directs.”) If you missed the livestream, or can’t access the video, here is all you need to know about our big additions.

Our New Additions

Introducing Salty Flicks, Surreal Resolution’s new movie podcast. Hosted by fellow staff member Joey and his friend Gavin, Salty Flicks will provide you with humorous reviews of the latest films. The duo have already recorded a few episodes under a temporary label, but official Salty Flicks episodes will begin in a few weeks. There is a no set schedule for when new episodes will be released.



We are expanding our original video game podcast with The Training Stage Quick Bits. Quick Bits give every episode we produce an extra life, beyond its initial release. These hand selected segments will be released on YouTube and, before the full episode releases on those platforms. We hope with smaller segments, more people will find and become interested in listening to The Training Stage.  Quick Bits will begin this Spring.



Our next new addition is Video Game Memoirs, a new type of show coming to Surreal Resolution. Video Game Memoirs is all about the memories we share about our time with video games. Unlike our podcast content, Video Game Memoirs will be produced in seasons without time boundaries. When a new season starts, episodes will release on a weekly basis, until the run is done. The show is still in early planning phases, but we have plans to begin releasing the first season in 2017.


New, non-animation articles coming every Sunday. The following images shows our current staff and their roles within Surreal Resolution. Our weekly animation review lineup continues with Samurai Jack, Attack on Titan, and My Hero Academia.




The Training Stage has a new schedule. Audio-only on iTunes, Google Play, and our website every Sunday. The video version of the show on YouTube and will be released on Wednesdays.




Decibel Boost is now on iTunes and Google Play. New, audio-only episodes every Wednesday. The video version of the show will still be released on YouTube on Fridays.




That’s not all of our updates and announcements either. Surreal Resolution is also now on Twitch and YouTube, and will serve as hubs for all of our content. Thanks for reading and sticking with us. Surreal Resolution is growing and we are incredibly proud of our progress. Cheers!


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