Attack on Titan – Episode 31 – “Warrior”

Okay, by now, everyone should have seen this episode, given its very “spoiler-riffic” nature. I always run the risk of spoiling things for viewers, so I try to time these out in a suitable manner. For this one, though, it warranted the extra wait. Now that – hopefully – we’re all on the same page, let’s dive into this episode and see what mysteries will be revealed, this time.

One note I would like to bring to attention is a point that Anime News Network’s Jacob Chapman made: in-universe, all of the events from the capture of Annie to the start of this episode have taken place in all of 24 hours. That’s a lot to take in, in such a short amount of time. Anyway, the episode proper starts with Krista, or rather, Historia, explaining to Hange about how Ymir saved them, how she’s a Titan, all that rigmarole. For Ymir, she’s currently comatose and is being sent back to Trost for further medical care. The rest of the Corps seem to be recuperating rather well, with their mission to close that wall still underway… or so it would seem. Enter Hannes, who’s shown up to say that there is no hole, and there is no breach. How oddly conspicuous, wouldn’t you think? But it would appear to be that this mission is done, so it’s back to Trost for everyone. Before Eren can head out, though, Reiner and Bertholdt pull him aside to have a quick little chat.

Okay, right here? Heavy-ass spoiler warning. So if you’re a few episodes behind, or if you’re just watching Attack on Titan on Toonami, stop reading right now. Otherwise, carry on.

In the most nonchalant manner possible, Reiner tells Eren, quote, “Five years ago, we demolished the wall and began our attack on humanity. I’m the Armored Titan, and [Bertholdt]’s the Colossal Titan.” Yeah. That’s real, folks. And so is this proposition Reiner is offering Eren, saying that if he comes with them, they won’t have to destroy any more of the walls. Meanwhile, Bertholdt’s got this look on his face of “What are you doing, you nimrod?!” and it is GOLD, Jerry – GOLD!

Flashing back 12 hours, Hange has got that background report on Annie, and in there is something rather peculiar: two other members of the same corps as her came from the same area. You can probably put two and two together here, and figure out who those two are. Context clues, yo. But yes, Hange states that those two are Reiner and Bertholdt, for the denser members of the audience. And so, some investigative conversation begins with the soldiers inside, with everyone trying to rationalize the possibility of these two being rogues, and sure enough, Armin comes to quite a realization; back when Titan!Annie was going on a tirade, he recalls when Reiner was nearly crushed by her, and also interested in where Eren was. And conveniently enough, after Reiner was freed, Titan!Annie changed course toward Eren. It might have been that Reinder wrote a message on Titan!Annie’s palm that revealed Eren’s location, but of course, this is all speculation. Wink wink. And so, after that little pow-wow, off they all went to save the day and help Titan!Ymir out.

Back to the present, Eren’s starting to get into some disbelief over these claims, but a chilling quiet creeps over the surroundings, with Reiner starting to talk shop about how he’s been here too long and how he couldn’t have become, quote, “such a half-assed piece of s**t.” Sounds like Vader in 1998, really, but I doubt “Reiner Time” is over. Reiner proclaims that it’s time to “settle” things, his broken arm regenerates itself back to full health, and just as they’re about to get into Attack mode, in comes Mikasa with her blades to put a stop to any rogue treachery. And good frigging God, does she go savage on them, slicing off Reiner’s right hand, stabbing a blade through the left, and stabbing Bertholdt through the throat. Talk about going HAM. But all this does is just pisses them off, and they both transform into their Titan forms, with Titan!Reiner taking Eren into his grasp, and Titan!Bertholdt taking a still-comatose Ymir into his. And all Eren can do is ponder the good times they’ve had, transform into his Titan form, and leave things off with quite a cliffhanger for what will be one hell of a fight.

I only have one thing to say, before we head to the next episode: HOT DAMN, this is gonna be GOOD. Pop some corn, grab a pop, and get ready for the apex of this arc. the true Clash of the Titans. Catch y’all next time, folks.

Attack on Titan is licensed by FUNimation Entertainment and is simulcast subtitled Saturdays at 10:30am EDT on Crunchyroll and FUNimationNow, with an English simuldub on Saturdays at 12:30am EDT on Adult Swim and Sundays at 10:00pm EDT on FUNimationNow.

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