My Hero Academia, Season 2 – Episode 34 – “Gear Up for Final Exams”

Final exams. The time where all your hopes lie in something where 30-40% of the final grade counts for it. Where you stress like hell hoping you don’t fail. Where you do long nights and study your ass off for a long day of work. Be it high school, college, or any other, exams are tedious on the body, mind, and sleep schedule. So, it’s important to have them in anime, too. It’s final exam time on MHA.

To start the episode, a TV show has Mt. Lady and Midnight on, focusing on their costumes, and all the sexiness they bring. Midnight makes a case for them about how the Quirks get obstructed by said unis. Only for Mt. Lady to go at her about her age. They both get in a catfight, while a certain, tiny pervert watches on. Back at U.A., the students have a week before the exams start. Some are worried about studying for it because they’re at the bottom (like Uraraka, who finished 13th on the mid-terms), while others aren’t so much. Like Mineta, who finished in the top 10 in the mid-terms. No, really.

I can’t believe it either. Izuku, Iida and Todoroki tell the bottom-feeders to do their best, which they aren’t having since those three finished in the top 5. Yaoyorozu, who finished first in mid-terms (Note: Know who rounded out the top 5 in the mid-terms placing 3rd? Bakugo) wants to help the others, even if she can’t help much on the practical. The others do come to her for said help, and she’s thrilled to make a study session at her home for the weekend, needing to get prepared for it. The others find out she is a rich girl, but it’s okay because Yaoyorozu is cute. The exam will be all they did during the semester, along with studying, so they have to be in top conditions as well.

As they continue in lunch, Monoma from Class B comes in, and as talk spreads of Izuku and co. facing Stain, he tells them that Class A is getting a rep for getting into trouble. Kendo comes and shuts him up, and being nice, tells them what she heard from the upperclassman. They said the practical exam is just combat versus the robots, like the entrance exam. Even if it feels easy, Izuku knows of All Might’s words about his future, and knows he can’t take it lightly. The others hearing this do, and Bakugo chews them out for it. He calls out Izuku as well, as he’s still pissed Deku used his moves, while improving his Quirk. He promises to come out on top, as he angrily leaves. Eraser Head can see Bakugo has gotten worse.

As the weekend arrives, the study group arrives at Yaoyorozu’s place. It’s a big place. A REALLY big place. They see she’s way past rich, but her serving them cutely makes them forgive her again. As they study, the other students do whatever they can to get ready for the final. Either working together, or studying and training by themselves. It’s a process some have issues with.

The written exams come and go. After three days of writing, it’s time for the practical exams at Center Plaza. The teachers are all gather there, as they figured they get info about what would happened. Principal Nezu pops from Eraser Head’s clothes to tell them this exam will be different. No robots. Just person-to-person combat. Have it be close to actual fighting. But who are they fighting? Them.

As seen in the subtitles, the students are fighting as teams of two, with the teams and teacher pair-ups already decided. The first two are announced, as Yaoyorozu and Todoroki will face Eraser Head. And then an unexpected pair-up is announced, as Izuku and Bakugo will be a team. Who will they face? The big dude himself, All Might. It flashes back to a few days, as the teachers talk about the aftermath of Stain and the League of Villains, and how to get stronger, since the robots are basically useless to this situation. They come up with this plan, and how to make them work. They mostly go for the weaknesses. Like with Todoroki and Yaoyorozu. Todoroki is a bit brash, and Yaoyorozu lacks decision making abilities at the right moment. So, they have Eraser Head face them in close combat. And Bakugo and Izuku? That isn’t too hard to figure. The added problem with them is Izuku’s fondness for All Might.

All the student teams and teachers get decided, with Izuku/Bakugo facing All Might last. The time limit is 30 minutes. The students will either have to put handcuffs on the teachers, or one of them escapes the fighting stage to win this. It’s like combat training, but much tougher, with them having to think of the teachers as villains. They do agree that they can run away, if the strength is too much. To help in this, the support course made ultra compressed weights to have the teachers wear as handicaps for the fight (It was Mei’s designs too. Can’t forget her on here.)

The first fight involves Sato and Kirishima taking on Cementoss. Some of the teams think up strategies for their fight, Mineta thinks up pervy thoughts, and Izuku and Uraraka can’t think up strategies with their partners (Uraraka’s partner is narcissistic Aoyama). As they watch the first fight in the monitor room, Sato and Kirishima begin their attack. They know he’s slow, so the two will attack Cementoss from the front. Sato eats up a pack of sugar, activating his Quirk, Sugar Rush, which makes him 5x as strong for 3 minutes, for every 10g of sugar consumed, with his brain power going down as well.

Cementoss did predict this, and makes a bunch of cement walls to stop them. The duo decides to crush the walls with all their power, and do it in a certain way. As in, they ORA!!! their way through it. Which brings me to this question.

I’m sorry, I had to. However, Izuku can tell they won’t win. The two need to see how they can handle their weaknesses, which is dealing with a time limit that they got, but the teacher doesn’t. They don’t see it, as smashing all the walls, with Sato being wiped out from the sugar, makes them lose all their stamina. Cementoss gets them wrapped up in a giant cement structure, and the two lose the match. The others are shocked they got beaten easily, but Izuku knew it be hard. In another area, it’s Tsuyu and Tokoyami’s turn. as they face Ectoplasm. He brings out of bunch of smoke clones and attacks.

Overall, this episode was basically a set-up for the teachers facing the students for the next few episodes. While not much action was here, it was still a pretty good episode with lots of cute Yaoyorozu moments, Mineta being a stuck-up snob, but backing it up, me making JoJo jokes and more mouse principal. I also got extremely jealous of Sato’s Quirk, because who wouldn’t want to turn into the damn Hulk by just drinking a Mt. Dew? Maybe that’s just me and my sugar tooth. Not too much to show, but nothing at all to complain about.

My Hero Academia is simulcasted on both Funimation and Crunchyroll. It can be seen Saturdays at 5:35 AM on both, with a dub that is on Funimation.

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