My Hero Academia, Season 2 – Episode 36 – “Stripping the Varnish”

No wasting any time with an intro. Onto more of the practical exams.

As where we left off last episode, Uraraka and Aoyama faced Thirteen, and were getting sucked into her Quirk, Black Hole. It was then where Aoyama asked the question to Uraraka about Izuku: “Do you like him?” The question is too much for her.

She lets go of the rail she is on, and goes right towards Thirteen. However, some quick thinking reminds her of what Gun Head taught her in martial arts, and she quickly turns the tide on Thirteen using them, as Aoyama comes in and gets a hold of the astronaut-suit wearing teacher. They handcuff Thirteen, and pass the exam. Izuku is amazed at Uraraka winning this, but Tsuyu only wonders what Aoyama said to make Uraraka let go, as Iida and Yaoyorozu join the duo as well.

The sixth match is Kaminari and Mina vs. Principal Nezu. They’re interested in how Nezu can fight, as Kaminari think it will be easy to zap the small mouse principal (He also doesn’t want Mina to use her Acid on Nezu, because acid). The duo hear a sound coming through them factory area they’re in, and suddenly, the place around them collapses. Nezu is using a crane from far away to destroy the place, but he is using calculated forecasts to do so. In fact, as Mina and Kaminari are running away, they don’t notice he’s cutting off the routes to the escape gate. His Quirk is High Specs. He is an animal who’s Quirk makes him smarter than humans, and the only one who can’t be found anywhere else. Recover Girl says humans did experiment on him in the past, so this is really how he shows his true self, trapping the two like said mice in a maze. The two can’t find him, have no escape routes, and won’t use their heads to get through this. Mina uses her Acid to make a detour route, but Nezu still finds them as he’s one step ahead. Time runs out, as the two couldn’t find the one route Nezu left for them. They had no chance whatsoever.

Don’t mess with the smart mouse principal

Uraraka arrives to see them lose, and Tsuyu has to ask what Aoyama said to her during her fight. She remembers, and gets very embarrassed, trying to pass it off. Froppy knows something happened.

The next match is Jiro and Koda facing Present Mic. Jiro wants to avoid him by going in the forest they were placed in. There’s a clear reason why. They both use sound-related Quirks, while Present Mic drowns out sound. All Present Mic is doing is blocking the gate, wanting this to end quickly since he doesn’t like forests, so he starts to yell loudly, which gets to the duo. Koda’s own Quirk is that he can talk and control animals, meaning they could attack Present Mic. However, as he tells Jiro in sign language, the animals will all get scared away by his loud voice. Jiro can’t plug up her ears, as Present Mic is basically a new, enhanced version of herself. And they can’t get close cause of said voice, even if they know he’s blocking the gate. He yells again, as the two can’t take it. Present Mic’s Quirk, Voice (which, by the way, Present Mic himself usually tells who has what Quirk. But since it’s him being examined this time, Eraser Head describes his Quirk here) has high pitches, crazy volume, and low tones. His Quirk is so disruptive, it’s said when he was a born, his parents and the doctor who delivered him had their ears bleed from said crying. What makes his voice go out even more is the Direction Speaker on his neck. Jiro knows they can’t go, until she sees an ant. She asks Koda if he can control insects. To which he sees the bug, screams, and runs away.

Another yell forces Jiro to put her Earphone Jacks in her boot and make a sound to cancel it out. But it’s so weak that another Present Mic yell is too much. She destroys a rock to reveal more bugs, asking if Koda can possibly control them. He’s scared, but it’s the only plan. Asking if he wants to be a hero, and seeing Jiro’s own ears bleed, makes Koda remember how happy his mom was when he got into U.A. Academy. Knowing this feeling makes him want his heart to be Plus Ultra (real line said there). He starts to talk/direct the bugs, shocking Jiro because she didn’t know he could talk. As Present Mic still waits, the ground underneath him begins to move. The bugs pop out and start to cover his whole body. Sound going through the ground is why he hates forests. Everyone, except Tsuyu, is disgusted by the bugs, as Present Mic loses and Koda and Jiro pass the gate to pass the exam.

The eighth match is going on, as Hakagure and Shoji take on Snipe. He’s blocking the escape gate with all his bullets flying. He also uses a smoke bomb to block their view of him. His Quirk, Homing, can have him lock on the two of them, as he shoots down a pillar they’re hiding behind. Shoji looks to see if Hakagure is okay, only to notice she has taken off her gloves and boots, making her completely invisible in the smoke. Shoji understands, and gets out in front to act as a decoy. As Snipe gets to him, Hakagure cuffs Snipe from behind. He can’t believe she got behind him, but he accidentally bumps into something soft and squishy on her, if you know what I mean. She’s mad at this, but the two of them pass. As said, Hakagure is good at sneaking around. Geez, I wonder why?

Izuku’s match is coming, but he will stay to the end to watch everyone fight, including those in the next match, Mineta and Hanta vs. Midnight. Even when they lost, Izuku sees everyone has been doing their best to showcase their stuff. Except for one. That is Mineta, who is running away and crying on the field, saying he can’t take this “unfair test.” Why? Because Hanta himself is sleeping, on the lap, of Midnight, who’s blocking the gate. Her Quirk is …. wait, how do you say this? … Okay, it’s called “Somnambulist.” Weird name, but basically she can admit a fragrance from her body that can make people fall asleep. It works better on boys. As Hanta sleeps, Mineta cries. He cries tears of blood. It flashes back to Hanta saving Mineta from her fragrance with his tape, and him getting knocked out. He bounces off her big chest, and lands right in her lap. It makes the little pervert extremely jealous for being saved.

Recover Girl knows it will be hard for Mineta here. Because U.A. teaches students to focus on a goal to beat the odds they have to overcome, and even so, they might not have a future is said goal is them just wanting to be a hero. What is Mineta’s goal? To be popular with the ladies. He remembers Froppy’s words on why he wanted to be a hero, and it shows him in middle school as others got popular with ladies, and he got jealous of this. That’s his goal. Of course, he’s in a fight still, as Midnight starts to whip him. She wanted to stay by the gate, but seeing him run made her sadistic side appear. Oh, hell yeah!

Her fragrance starts to overtake the little dude, as he runs again. But he’s not running because he’s scared. He has finally realized something after all the fights he and the others have been through. People aren’t cool because they’re heroes. They’re heroes because they are cool. He drew her out here because he’s “being cool.” As she attacks, Mineta covers his nose and mouth with Hanta’s tape, uses his hair balls to cover her whip and arms, and is using a special move that is working: Grape Rush. She’s impressed that his plan worked, as Recovery Girl guesses that being popular with the ladies could be an end-all goal. He gets Hanta, passes the gate, and Mineta will save the boobs for another day. They pass. Izuku already left, and as he gets to the starting gate, sees a still mad Bakugo waiting. Their battle with All Might is finally here.

This episode was a blast to have. We see Uraraka’s feeling for Izuku start to manifest with that question. We got to see Nezu be an absolute sadistic troll to his opponents, as he was the best part of the episode. We saw Present Mic’s loud ass get handed to him in a most disgusting way. And even Mineta had his moment to shine. Yes, I still don’t like him, even if I see some of myself in him. It makes me a hypocrite, but what can I say. His goal for being a hero is too cliche pervert. His jealously for wanting to be on Midnight’s lap to the point of crying bloody tears was too much. And seeing Recovery Girl give him praise for his goal was pretty cringe worthy. And yet, he did do enough to outsmart Midnight and her Quirk, and did pass the exam by thinking things through. That’s more than you can say for Kaminari and Mina. So yes, his fight does get a pass from me, too. Overall, it was a fun way to get us geared up for the showdown between All Might vs. Izuku and Bakugo, with the backstory of our angry explosion boy to come. The finale of the exams, and the second season, is here.

My Hero Academia is simulcasted on both Funimation and Crunchyroll. It can be seen Saturdays at 5:35 AM on both, with a dub on Funimation.

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