King’s Game: The Animation – Episode 12 – “Demise ( End | Grudge )”

Season’s Greetings one and all! Josh here, back again for one more trip through the un-drainable swamp that is King’s Game: The Animation. Yes, we have arrived at the end of our long trek through this palace of mediocrity, and I think we’re all a little older and wiser because of it. Let the scars that this show has left behind on our very souls serve as a reminder that life is too short to watch crappy anime. Sometimes, it’s okay to duck out after a few episodes. Especially when it comes to this one. Heaven knows I wish I had. But hey, I’m a sadistic kind of guy…

If I can say one thing about the final episode of King’s Game: The Animation, it’s that it stays true to itself right up to the very end; being completely and utterly ridiculous. Episode 12 is a recap of everything that has plagued this show from the jump: from the poor animation to the random acts of stupid and unexpected character changes, it’s all here and in bold vivid color for all to see. But what exactly makes this finale so bad in my book? Well, let’s jump in one more time to find out. Oh yeah, since this is my last review for the series, I decided to make this one a little longer…just over 5,600 words and chock full of pictures! Only the best for the worst.

To quote “Feed the Fire” by Coldrain… “This is the end, this is the end…you’re not alone in this my friend…” I’m Josh, and this is my review of King’s Game: The Animation episode 12!

Last time out, the remaining classmates were still on their Forrest Gump inspired run up to the summit of Nuegakubi, with the last-place student getting killed off every 8 hours. Nobu-kun and the Perpetual Sand-Up-The-Vagina Tsundere Riona spend most of this time arguing about who will be first to sacrifice themselves, at one point playing a game of rock-paper-scissors to decide because…meh, why not. When he still won’t play ball, Riona decides to kick Nobu-kun in his as she gives him a Hanamura-Approved critical hit to the nads before they go running off again. (And if you get that reference, you are awesome). Meanwhile, remember Aimi? Yeah, well she’s dead now, so you don’t have to worry. Anyway, during their run, Nobu-kun sends us back to “Better Class Land” for a few seconds to tell us what happened to his girlfriend Chiemi. Spoiler alert: SHE DIED. End Flashback. Meanwhile, Natsuko arrives first at the summit and decides to play mind games because nothing gets her off better than being a manipulative cow. She breaks one student’s legs by setting a trap, and causes another one to trip balls and fall over a conveniently placed cliff. The episode ends with Natsuko making like a Snorlax and blocking the path of the approaching group asking them to play a game of Blue’s Clues and guess what she’s about to do. You caught up? Good. Now let’s end this foolishness.

Screenshot 2017-12-21 17.43.43.png
You know, I’ve said this to myself many times before watching this show for review…

We pick up once again where we left off from the previous episode with hat-boy Ryou announcing to the group that they only have 60 seconds left to reach the summit. Natsuko appears and does that evil grinning “What am I going to do now?” thing, to which Nobu-kun promptly runs into Natsuko, knocking himself, Natsuko and Aya (riding piggy back) to the ground. He urges Riona and Ryou to run ahead and he turns to follow, but, of course, Natsuko grabs his ankle to prevent him from leaving.

Cut to the OP and…well…I have a confession to make guys. If I can give this show one compliment, it’s that the song is…really good! I mean, it’s drive worthy, and I can be very particular about what I drive to. And yes, before you ask, I do drive to anime music quite often. Almost every day. And yes, I do sing along. And I’m even so polite as to invite others in the lanes opposite me during traffic jams if they want to sing along too. It’s only polite. Anyway, I played the song at full blast while driving down the street at 4AM and I have to say, it sounds awesome. I also found a great cover of the song which I’ll link to here, and I have to say, they do an amazing job. Now if someone would do a cover of this anime, maybe it’ll be better. One more thing about this OP; while I’m not a fan of the animation that plays over this song, there is one small part that I can honestly say I like. There’s a moment right before the chorus kicks in that shows the faces of both Nobu-kun’s classes being crossed out. I really like the juxtaposition of that for some reason—seeing the two classes being metaphorically killed off in time with the music. See? I am able of giving this show praise! I just gave it TWO compliments. Don’t expect this to be a regular thing. Let’s press on.

Screenshot 2017-12-21 17.46.15.png
Ryou, while I do admire your determination, you’re currently fighting a losing battle for our attention…because most of the viewing audience is focused on Riona’s bouncing breasts…

After the OP, we see Riona and Ryou running towards the summit, with Riona doing her best impersonation of a white girl running in a horror movie. Seriously, baby girl looks about three seconds away from tripping and having Freddie Kruger slash her to pieces. Anyway, Ryou decides to hoist his own death flag by randomly stating that he’s going to get stronger to earn the admiration of Nobu-kun and the late Teruaki. Riona then throws cold water on this because…well…she’s Riona. Ryou runs even faster for a couple of seconds until he and Riona approaches the abandoned house at the summit.  Nobu-kun approaches not soon after, still carrying Aya on his back. Riona switches to Tsundere mode, asking why Aya has to still be on his back. Riona, just…just shut up for a second if you’re not going to turn the Tsun-Tsun off. It’s not endearing to your character whatsoever. Nobu-kun asks Ryou to count up the “Obedience Confirmed” messages. Conveniently enough, the King sends a message out to everyone stating that Yuuna Kobayashi, Takuya Sakamoto and Rina Minami are all given punishments for not making it to the summit. BUT…those three characters are already dead. Well, maybe Takuya isn’t dead, because if you recall, he only had his leg broken after falling in Natsuko’s trap. But the other two girls fell off plot-convenient cliffs. So how can you punish them when they’re already dead?! In fact, we actually see a shot of all three of them dead by various means LONG before the King got to them with his Bloody Vomit punishment! Even Takuya is dead, having somehow went off a cliff. Again, why is the King punishing people who are already dead?! It makes no sense.

Screenshot 2017-12-21 17.50.11.png
Oh, Lawd…he done caught the crazy. 

Anyway, Natsuko is ready for some hot King’s Order action and beseeches for the next order. And to show just how bat-crap insane she is, the camera spins around her crazed face. Yeah, I don’t get it either. Anyway, before Nobu-kun has the chance to address the crazy broad, he is suddenly knocked out by a glazed-eyed Ryou. Yes, another character gets the crazy switched inexplicably flipped, and it’s the little sheepish shouta. Good grief. When Riona asks why he clocked Nobu-kun unconscious with a plot-convenient rock, Ryou replies that the next order is that the class must cut their bodies up and put the parts together to make a large human doll. Riona spends a while freaking out about this while Ryou seriously begins contemplating how he would go about cutting off parts of his body, including his own head. After a minute, Natsuko comes from inside the abandoned house carrying…a chainsaw. Yes. A chainsaw.

Screenshot 2017-12-21 17.52.21.png
On this, I would agree. Point a chainsaw at me, and I’ll give you everything you want!

Someone please tell me how in the world is it that a chainsaw stored in this house that looks like it’s been abandoned for years, looks like it is BRAND NEW?! Seriously, this thing looks like someone just opened it out the box, gassed it up, applied the necessary oils and lubricants, chained it up, and left it there. Also, please tell me how Natsuko just so happened to know that it was in there and that it was ready for use? You know, I’m used to plot-convenient things appearing or disappearing in anime, but this has to be the first plot-convenient chainsaw I think I’ve ever seen! Congratulations King’s Game: The Animation; You’ve finally struck new ground in the world of Plot-Convenience. Just when you thought the Plot-Convenient Vagina in Episode 3 was the low point, here comes the Plot-Convenient chainsaw, here to solve all problems! And it’s also convenient that this particular chainsaw is light enough for Natsuko to carry around like it’s nothing. The last chainsaw I picked up on was pretty heavy, and I transport vehicle parts for a living. But I’ll just chalk that up to just her athletic abilities.

Ryou picks up the plot-convenient chainsaw and cranks it up, smiling that insane smile of hers while saying that he’s finally going to get to help somebody like Nobu-kun and Teruaki did. He cranks up the chainsaw with one pull, but immediately kills it. Now I call shenanigans on this. I’ve spent most of my life using gas-powered lawn tools, and I can tell you that with very few exceptions, it takes MULTIPLE pulls to get a small stroke engine like that going. MANY a summer I’ve spent yanking on the pull-cords of various lawnmowers, weed eaters, and leaf blowers trying to get them to turn over. I wore out my right arm pulling those start cords like some guys wear out their right arms doing…ahem…other things. So yeah, I call bullpocky on Ryou, a boy who does not look like the strongest guy in the world, being able to crank a chainsaw from a cold start in ONE PULL.

Screenshot 2017-12-21 17.55.36
Ah, Natsuko…always willing to give a helpful hand…to cut off your effing leg. 

Natsuko, once again getting all hot and bothered that another killing is about to go down, tells Ryou the proper way to work the chainsaw. How she knows this is beyond me. Ryou cranks it up once again and upon declaring that he will be a strong man, lifts the chainsaw high above his head and slams it down on his leg, screaming bloody murder as it grinds into him with blood splattering all over. After a few moments, the chainsaw gets stuck and Natsuko, helpful witch-with-a-B that she is, offers to help by stomping on the chainsaw handle to push it further into his leg. Once completely severed, Natsuko leans over and tells Ryou to keep going or else he’ll bleed out and die. However, much to her delight, Ryou is already dead. I’m surprised she didn’t ask for a cigarette afterwards.

Anyway, she cranks the plot-convenient chainsaw herself, which is now REMARKABLY clean considering that it just cut through a teenage boy’s thigh bone, and turns it on a terrified Riona to cut more parts for the doll. However, Aya comes around and begins choking Natsuko. But Natsuko ain’t having it and swings the chainsaw across Aya’s chest, instantly killing her. Welp, that’s ONE way to kill of a needless character, I guess. So Natsuko turns back to Riona threatening her with the chainsaw. Riona begins crying for Nobu-kun to save her, but Natsuko gleefully pushes her to one side, mocking her and telling her in no uncertain terms that her Captain Save-A-Ho ain’t gonna save her.

Screenshot 2017-12-21 18.01.32.png
Still looking sharp with that haircut Teruaki gave him. 

However, Natsuko must’ve forgotten whose show this is, as Nobu-kun, AKA Captain Save-A-Ho wakes up and stops Natsuko from making her cut. Natsuko calmly explains the order to Nobu-kun and that Ryou actually went through with the order. Riona adds that he did it so he could be strong like him and Teruaki. Nobu-kun tearfully reminisces about how strong Ryou actually was for running all that way and encouraging the others. It has the potential to be a really good scene…if it weren’t for the fact that ONCE AGAIN this is a character that we’ve only had for a handful of episodes and know next to nothing about and who pretty much hoisted his own death flag as all the characters in this show that are fated to die tend to do.

Nobu-kun attempts to beseech Natsuko to not follow this order and focus on how to end the game, but ONCE AGAIN, Natsuko doesn’t hear any of it…but she does recall that Riona and Nobu-kun were up to something before coming to the summit. Riona then tells Natsuko about the mysterious letters that appear on students’ phones upon their death. Natsuko shares that she has indeed noticed the messages during her King’s Game and had been collecting the letters since then. Riona comes up with the idea that they should pool all their information together to come up with a sentence. Then for some strange reason, and out the clear blue sky, Nobu-kun feels the need to remind us that Ria, a girl that neither Riona or Natsuko have met before, discovered that a BIOLOGICAL virus somehow got on the Internet from a rural village and spread to text messages. Yep, it’s still as stupid now as it was when the idea was first postulated.

Screenshot 2017-12-21 18.10.18.png
Okay, shoutout to whoever made this cell phone. They’ve been running around for 24 hours and the battery is only now at 12%! 

Finally convinced, Natsuko collects the phones and compares the information, combining all the words together on one device to form a sentence: “End the game by offering all your lives. As long as even one of you survives, the King’s Game won’t end until all of humanity is destroyed.”

Nobu-kun then realizes what’s going on. Of course. As he stands up, (faceless I might add), he confirms what we’ve just seen; the virus of the King’s Game lives in the people who play the game, and in order to save humanity and keep the virus from spreading to others and starting this whole thing all over again, everyone who has been involved with the game must die. Natsuko takes this as well as can be expected…she says that saving humanity is none of her business and she starts ranting about Nobu-kun’s high ideals. And for some reason…the camera on Natsuko doesn’t quite seem to know where it wants to focus. It’s zoomed in tight on her lower face and chest. It looks bizarre and I have to wonder what the creators were going for. Of course, I’ve been wondering this since episode 1, so this is pretty much a moot question. Natsuko continues ranting and raving about all she had to do to survive in the King’s Game, including killing off her friends and the one person she loved, watching them die or be killed horribly as the game proceeded on. She then tearfully tries to kill Nobu-kun by strangling him, all the while ranting about how she couldn’t forgive him for giving the class false hope and being a false savior.

Screenshot 2017-12-21 18.18.18(2).png
“Not my lover, you bitch!” 

However, just as it looks like Nobu-kun is going to punch his ticket on the Midnight Train to Georgia, Riona finally gets her time to shine as she picks up the plot convenient chainsaw, cranks it up (with one pull, I might add) and jams it into Natsuko’s back, effectively killing her. Well, it’s about dawg gone time! Way to go Riona! Way to expertly use that heavy-duty piece of lawn equipment I’m sure you have ZERO experience actually working! Way to go managing to effectively kill off Natsuko in the bloody, most gory fashion imaginable with blood shooting everywhere…but end up completely clean and spotless afterwards!  That takes talent…or laziness on the part of the animators, but at this point, it doesn’t really matter so let’s carry on.

Me watching Natsuko come back to life.

Riona and Nobu-kun share a pretty tender moment together, and she is just about to confess her love for him when who should come back to life after getting their spine severed with a chainsaw than everybody’s favorite psychopath Natsuko! Yes, you read that right…Natsuko comes back to life. And not only that, she seems to have enough strength to stand up, pick up the plot convenient chainsaw, crank it (ONE PULL), and make a fatal cut to Nobu-kun’s neck, saying that she’s going to take him with her. You know, of all the Idiotic, Half Baked, Asinine, Thick-Headed things I’ve seen in this show, this one takes the cake. See, I thought the apex was having a blind girl navigate her way around Japan flawlessly was the high point. I was wrong there. I thought the whole “biological virus finds it’s way onto the INTERNET” thing was the high point. Heck, I even thought the whole thing with Ria casually talking about her life and tapping on her laptop WHILE SHE IS ON FIRE was the stupidest this show could get. LORD KNOWS I WAS WRONG! I…I just can’t believe this show actually took the cheap horror movie approach by not making the psychopath actually dead! That’s so cheap and so pathetic, it’s borderline insulting to the viewer! I don’t care if this is just an anime—there are just some things that can’t be waved away even in anime. Natsuko took A CHAINSAW TO THE SPINE! You can’t move after an injury like that! You can’t do ANYTHING after an injury like that! SHE WAS DEAD! But oh, it’s not over yet…

Screenshot 2017-12-21 18.21.25.png
Umm…so this is pretty much Nobu-kun with contacts and hair dye. 

After taking the plot-convenient chainsaw to Nobu-kun’s neck, the two fall down next to each other. Natsuko then gets the chance for her final dialogue. She tearfully states that it’s better to kill the one you love yourself than let someone else kill them. We then get several flashbacks about her time with Nobu-kun in the first episode before she went crazy, which culminates with the real reason why she couldn’t stand Nobu-kun: he reminded her of the boy in her first King’s Game that she loved and had to kill, except this guy has orange hair, violet eyes, and a tracksuit. Natsuko passes away with tears in her eyes. Why is this show trying to make me have sympathy for the person who was involved with the murder of DOZENS of her fellow classmates?! WHY?! No, King’s Game…NO WAY. You will NOT get that from me! I will NOT have sympathy for the psycho chick!

Screenshot 2017-12-21 18.22.50.png
Rest in peace, Nobu-kun…

Anyway, now it’s time for Nobu-kun’s final words. Riona tearfully tells him to hang in there, but it’s blindingly obvious that he’s not going to make it. With his last breath, Nobu-kun tells her to survive…which is a pretty stupid thing to say. It’s already been established that in order to END the King’s Game, everyone involved, INCLUDING Riona, must die. Telling Riona to “survive” is pretty much condemning her and others to play the King’s Game, keeping the cycle going on and on. Why would you tell her to “survive” with your last breath!?

As Riona begs for him to stay alive, Nobuaki Kanazawa dies with a smile on his face having finally finished playing the King’s Game.

Screenshot 2017-12-21 18.24.48.png
So, wait…what happened to the River Styx? Where’s the blue haired chick riding on a paddle with the pink kimono?! 

The scene then cuts to the exact opposite of the scene we were met with when the series was open. Instead of a hellish landscape that looks straight out of End of Evangelion, Nobu-kun wakes up to a beautiful mountain meadow filled with flowers. Chiemi walks up next to him and the two embrace while Ria, Naoya, Mizuki, Kenta, Teruaki, Ryou and a smiling Natsuko look on approvingly, and together, the group walks towards a bright rainbow staircase that looks like something straight out of that old religious cartoon Kingdom Chums: Original Top Ten. In fact, I half expected everyone in the group to start singing “Following the Love Light” as they go towards their destiny. Now, ordinarily I would think this is a pretty sweet way to end Nobu-kun’s storyline: he finally gets his respite from the game, and is reunited with those whom he loved and sacrificed so much for. And I do think that this acts as a good bookend to the series. Yes, it’s sappy, but it would still be pretty nice. But I have a couple of things bothering me; first of which being why only Ria, Naoya, Mizuki, Kenta, Teruaki, Ryou, Chiemi and Natsuko get a ticket to Better Class Heaven? The way I see it, there are four other characters that should be included in this sequence! Let’s break this down:

Screenshot 2017-12-22 23.29.26.png

  • Daisuke from Episode 2 was Nobu-kun’s friend—heck, they hung out together and played music right up until he died.

Screenshot 2017-10-28 10.31.52.png

  • Nami from Episode 4 put her life on the line (based on Nobu-kun’s “theory”) to try to find the King and went blind for her troubles.

Screenshot 2017-11-04 15.41.27.png

  • Yousuke from Episode 5 actually did the grunt work and gave Nobu-kun the information he needed to even get to Yonaki Village, even as he was DYING.

Screenshot 2017-11-09 19.09.18

  • Fujioka Toshiyuki from Episode 6—the guy who went against his friend (or maybe his brother…still not sure about that one) and sacrificed his life so that the group could go on and find a way to defeat the King.

You mean to tell me that ALL THESE characters…characters that at one point or another either meant something to Nobu-kun or laid down their lives for him or the betterment of their respective classes don’t get access to Better Class Heaven…but Natsuko, the psychopath who killed MANY people…INCLUDING NOBU-KUN HIMSELF gets access?! How fair is that?! No, really. HOW FAIR IS THAT?!? Natsuko has done NOTHING to earn her trip up there, and yet, there she is, smiling and acting like she completely deserves to be there. Kadeem, who actually saw this episode before me, was just as shocked about this:

Lastly, and this is admittedly a nitpick, but why in the world are all these characters still wearing their school uniforms IN HEAVEN? I mean, come on. This reminds me of that scene in Star Trek: Generations when Captain Picard is caught in the Nexus and he goes to his family home for Christmas. The whole Picard family is dressed in civilian clothing (Victorian style clothing which is probably as comfortable as a prostate exam by Mr. Freeze) but our dear captain is still in his Starfleet Uniform. You can LITERALLY wear ANYTHING you want, and you opt for your UNIFORM!? Come on…

Screenshot 2017-12-21 18.27.56.png

Admittedly this has to be the most beautiful shot in the entire episode…maybe the entire series! 

Anyway, Riona drags the lifeless Nobu-kun to the beach for a tearful goodbye. She kisses his lips as she recalls the few moments they shared with each other. Eventually, she breaks down crying, begging for him to wake up, but alas, it’s to no avail. She then shoulders his body and, looking up at the shining full moon, drops off into the water to her death. Admittedly, this scene would be decent, and downright beautiful were it not for that last shot of the water on the beach. Seriously, this show, even to the end, just has to remind us that two chimpanzees with a mouse were put in charge of CG.

Screenshot 2017-12-21 18.29.16.png
Dude, if you have any sense…delete that message, throw away your phone, and run away! 

After the ending theme, the creators decide to hit the rewind button (literally) and we’re thrown into another place and another time in a bustling metropolis that actually has ADULTS in it! All at once, everyone walking around suddenly gets a message on their phones. It’s from the King, laying down the rules of the game on the unsuspecting masses. The last shot of the series is a color changing title card that states somewhat cryptically “To Be Continued.” What does this mean? Heck, I don’t know. It could be taken literally that there is going to be a 2nd season, in which case…WHY?!!? Or it could be taken metaphorically—the game is to be continued on with a new group.

And I guess I need to make this official:

32 Dead, 0 Remaining. Game Over?

Welp, the entire class is dead…but at least they won the relay race!

Well…umm…that was something alright. This show just absolutely refused to go out with any kind of dignity, and instead opted for a rehashing of what made it, by all accounts, the worst anime of the season…probably the YEAR. I have to admit, I did have a little hope that this last episode would be a little better than the rest of the series. I mean, how bad could it be to screw up a last episode? Clearly I was prodigiously naïve and I forgot that it is completely possible to completely destroy a series with its final episode…case in point, Digimon Adventure 02. That show took characters that we’ve come to know and love and give them an ending that comes straight off This show, based off a manga which is based on a cell phone novel has a fanfiction air about it…and not particularly GOOD fanfiction at that.

Screenshot 2017-12-21 18.27.09.png
Methinks this is an apology more to the audience than to Nobu-kun.

There were moments when this episode looked like it WANTED to do something halfway decent. The emotional moments were there, they were just executed poorly for the most part. I did like Riona’s final goodbye, though. In fact, for the whole last few minutes of this show, she was actually a really good character. However, as is standard with this series, for every compliment I give, there are several complaints. Ryou and Nobu-kun’s final scene should’ve had more of an impact, but because we did not get the chance to really form an attachment to Ryou, he just turned into yet another friend that Nobu-kun cries over. It’s a case of how poor storytelling at the beginning of the series comes back to harm the ending. If we don’t know who this character is, when it comes time for him to die, we just won’t care. It takes TIME to develop a relationship with a character, and to the show’s credit, we did spend a few episodes with him, but that’s not long enough for us to form any kind of emotional connection. Again, I have to say that we spent more time with Naoya in Better Class Land, a character who gives absolutely NOTHING to the current time-line, than Ryou in the non-flashback class. Also, Natsuko’s little deathbed confession does absolutely nothing for me. As I stated earlier, this girl was complicit in the deaths of her classmates if not involved in their deaths outright. Why should I feel sorry for her now? What has she done to deserve my sympathy? And what’s worse—why is she in HEAVEN with the others?!

Screenshot 2017-12-21 18.12.01.png
Happier days…if only we spent more time with them…

So now I guess I should provide my overall thoughts on the series, huh? Well, I’ve pretty much laid it all out there over the course of 12 reviews, so there’s not much else I can say. This show just couldn’t stop itself from being bad. It’s like it had some kind of twisted desire to be as bad it possibly could be. I don’t know if this came from the original manga or the anime production staff, but somewhere along the line, the ball was dropped and dropped hard.  The story had potential to be awesome. In fact, the overall premise was awesome–a game with a hidden adversary making people do horrific things to their friends and neighbors just to survive another day. It’s just the execution in this show that makes it horrible. The characters were all either one-dimensional anime stereotypes or, as in the case of most of the females, borderline insulting with regards to how they were written and treated, storytelling was clunky at best, and the animation at times looked like something from the early 2000’s…or even mid 90’s. It blows my mind how this show was approved for broadcast looking the way it did. The only thing I can honestly praise this story for is the awesome opening theme, and the voice work in the original Japanese.

Screenshot 2017-12-21 18.23.27.png
Awww…Ria is smiling. Bless her little heart. 

While I’m talking about voice work, let me just say that this is not really one of Funimation’s greatest dubs. It’s not BAD…but it doesn’t have the spit and polish that most of it’s other dubs have. I mean, I look at the cast and crew list, and like I said in an earlier review, this is the 2nd and 3rd string production staff. Not the most well-known talent in this one, and in retrospect, that’s probably for the best as this show really didn’t deserve any A-listers in it. It sounded so wooden and bland…there was really nothing there for me to enjoy, and no one performance I could latch onto and say “oh yeah, THAT person did great.”

Screenshot 2017-12-21 18.23.21.png
Reunited…and it feels so good…

Finally, I would like to reiterate once again that if you, for whatever reason, found any kind of enjoyment in this anime…then God bless you, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I am honestly happy that you found something to like in this show. What doesn’t work for one person may work for another. We’re all wired differently in this world, and that’s what makes it a pretty decent place at times. But for me, in my little corner of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this show does not work at all. It doesn’t work as a “junk food” series because even “junk food” series have some semblance of a decent story mixed in with its insanity like Highschool of the Dead or Kill la Kill.  It doesn’t work as a “B-Grade horror” series because there’s no element of terror or fear, and you don’t get to know the characters long enough to fear for their safety like in Deadman Wonderland or Attack on Titan. And it doesn’t work on a “switch your brain off and enjoy it” series because it does so many stupid things that defy even the basic of basic common sense you end up thinking more about that than what you’re seeing on the screen. It’s just bad. I could NEVER…EVER recommend this series to anyone, unless you want to see an example of how to take a great story premise and completely and utterly ruin it.

All that being said, if this show does somehow get a 2nd season…I would be game to watch it. Why? Am I that sadistic that I would potentially put myself through another twelve weeks of torture? Maybe I am. After all, the only reason I got excited and wanted to review this series was because I read the King’s Game: Origin manga, and really enjoyed it. The premise is there, but in this case, the execution was way off the mark. I would be interested in seeing what a 2nd season would bring about. Maybe I’m an eternal optimist. Maybe I believe that the creators can learn from their mistakes and clean things up the 2nd time around. It happened before, and it can happen again. So yeah, given the opportunity, I wouldn’t mind giving a 2nd season a whirl.

So that’s it boys and girls. I’ve done my time with this series, at least for the time being. Talk about hard labor…good grief. Admittedly, I’ve done more writing in the last 12 weeks than I have in the last YEAR, and I have to say, it felt AWESOME! I owe a BIG thanks to the guys at Surreal Resolution for having me come on for this show, with a special thanks to Kadeem for recommending me and Tyler for giving me a shot and all his constructive feedback. You guys have been great, and I look forward to working with you guys again!

DigimonAdventure (21)
Sheepish Izzy is Sheepish.

Last but not least, I want to thank you guys.

Yes, you.

You right there. You reading this review while waiting on your clothes to finish drying in the laundromat. I hope you used dryer sheets…

And you, sitting in your chair at your computer with this review open in one tab and a furry porn website on an Incognito tab. Hey, whatever floats your boat…

And you, the one who is not wearing pants right now…for some reason. Hey, I don’t judge. You do you…

I want to thank you guys so much for checking out my writings. I know I can be pretty long-winded at times, and my reviews can tend to digress slightly, but the fact that you’ve stuck with me for this whole time kept me going. I am humbled and honored that you took time out to check out my ramblings, and I look forward to have the opportunity to entertain you again.

As we are fond of saying down here in the South…I’ll holla’ at you later. Bye now!

King’s Game: The Animation is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. Funimation is currently doing a simul-dub of the show, with new episodes premiering on Saturdays at 3:00PM CST.

2 thoughts on “King’s Game: The Animation – Episode 12 – “Demise ( End | Grudge )”

  1. Just a wonderful review filled with personality and reflection about the vast emotional impact on our lives even as we watched this badly written and directed show.

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