Review: Kitty – Rose Gold


It’s time for another round of “I knew about this artist through the Adult Swim Singles Program” time!!

The artist du jour is Kitty. Formerly known as Kitty Pryde, she has been around doing her thing since the early 2010s, having releasing several EPs to her name. She’s also garnered a lot of attention through collaborating with Riff Raff and making several appearances on the Adult Swim Singles Program: in 2013 (“Flower Jeep”), 2015 (“Drink Tickets”), 2016 (“Asari Love Song”, which ended up being my #1 favorite AS Single track of that year) and 2017-2018 (“Recccord”). The 2015 & 2016 songs later ended up on her debut album Miami Garden Club in 2017 released on her own label, Pretty Wavvy.

Kitty has always been one to switch up things in her music, going from cloud rap to 80s-90s inspired pop and even showing some EDM flavor with a side project she worked on, The Pom-Poms, with producer Sam Ray aka Ricky Eat Acid. Oh, and I really loved her cover of “Head Over Heels”, originally from Tears for Fears, she released this past Valentine’s Day, and following that was the announcement of a new album, Rose Gold, along with the first single and visual, “disconnect.”

And the $64,000 question is… how was the album?

I can surely say that this is something that was way up my alley since… well, since the first single of this album was released. The production around a Kitty project or anything related to her has always got this dynamic and wavy sound that always makes you either groove, dance or just chill to the song depending on whatever mood you’re in. Kitty is also responsible for the majority of the production with some help from Sam Ray, and he’s the sole feature of this album along with his other alias Ricky Eat Acid and the American Pleasure Club aka the band that he and Kitty are a part of.

The sounds vary from the low-tempo club bop that is “disconnect” to the night time drive vibe of the track “sweat.” There’s even an instrumental on here called “kitty’s farm,” and it does remind me of a dreamy lullaby where it all kicks in within a minute of the track. “medicine” (with Ricky Eat Acid) reminds me of the kind of mid-90s electronic dance music you sometimes hear in a lot in video games like the early Need for Speed games. I do like the added touches on “strange magic” with the blaring horns to throw some funk in there, and the rap added in that verse was funny.

Big girl, ’bout to turn 26
And since 18, it’s been a real-ass whirlwind
It gets rough, but I work with it
‘Cause I’m tough, fit, a renaissance bitch
Made a name for myself and I do my shit well
I know how to keep my business to myself
Come over anytime, don’t you wanna see?
One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, money
I run 24 hours, you tap out at 8
How can you deny these powers, don’t underestimate

“the window” has this breezy vibe I’m feeling all through that track, and it was easily one of my favorite songs to listen to, giving me that summer feeling like when it’s hot and close to sunset. It’s probably a feeling she does experience more than me, being from Miami and all. “look demure” exudes that 90s dance sound, and this verse did grab my attention.


Don’t you look at me with anime eyes, you ain’t no anime
Get shook, I know you planned a surprise, hit up my family
Your rookie shit is so immature, and I would know
I don’t look good, I’m good, I’m so insecure, so I say no
Don’t you look at me with baby doll eyes, you ain’t no baby doll
Get shook, you know you hate the surprise, ’cause boy I hate it all
I’m Sookie when I’m sucking your blood, I’ve got your heart
And now I took it and I’m fucking it up, pull it apart

As a follow-up to her debut album, Rose Gold has got many golden moments throughout with the interesting nostalgic 80s-90s inspired production along with Kitty delivering some great vocals. Once again, she shows that she isn’t one to be boxed into one specific genre, having that sound that can either be for the clubs or when you’re at home chilling.

Final Verdict: Buy It. This record is definitely some gold.

Rose Gold is out on Pretty Wavvy and available on digital download and streaming services. As of this writing, CDs are available to pre-order or you can buy it digitally on her Bandcamp.

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