Review: IDK & Kaytranada – Simple.

Oh, look! We have another IDK release following his last project, USEE4YOURSELF, but since I’ve talked about IDK in the past, let me talk about who’s the main producer of this EP. He’s someone I’ve been itching to talk about in review form and it is Kaytranada!! He is a is a Haitian-Canadian record producer and DJ, doing his thing since 2010 and has produced for such artists as Mick Jenkins, Freddie Gibbs, and Anderson. Paak among others. He garnered a lot of attention when he released his first album 99.9%, an album that combines all the elements of hip-hop, R&B, electronic, funk, pop in one super vibe-heavy and hypnotic form that was easily my favorite album of 2016 and his follow-up Bubba is not too shabby either, as that had more of a dance-heavy vibe with elements of disco, afrobeat and house but was still a solid album.

He even won a Grammy (The Dance/Electronic Album Grammy) for that album and its single “10%” with Kali Uchis. Having heard the singles of this with “Taco” and “Dog Food” (feat. Denzel Curry), I was very interested in hearing how this would go.

Damn, I think I might like this better than his last album, and I mean no disrespect on USEE4YOURSELF (I like that album, too) but I’m really digging the hell out of this project, but with only 18 minutes of this? It left me wanting more and I like that in this EP or album… no, really, IDK himself calls it an album but he said “call it whatever you like.” The whole thing with the project is that IDK taking a trip to Paris while he gets introspective about his life in the DMV.

The singles released, “Taco” and “Dog Food” do touch on that with the latter being about heroin. No, really, apparently dog food is slang for heroin when it looks all brown, raw and in rock form and of course, the song touches on many things like systemic racism in their respective neighborhoods and police activity. There are some choice bars on here, such as:

I’m tryna get a nut, so I’m movin’ like I’m Sandy
I’m livin’ underwater, I don’t know how I can breathe (Huh)
Maybe it’s a scuba diver air tank (Air tank)

I seen a lot of brothers get popped, we pourin’ Hennessy
And God forbid a nigga get locked, ’cause it ain’t ten of me
Diez, buenos días to señoritas
We movin’ units by the kiosk for fly Adidas
Forever eatin’ la comida, I pack a heater

We lurkin’ just to catch you lackin’, like we on Cheaters

As for “Taco”, that’s slang for bullet casing as whenever you shoot somebody as the shells fall. You get it now? “Breathe” has IDK vocalizing with one of the smoothest and vibiest beats on here, although there’s barely a verse, just him doing an interlude (you know, catching his breath). In fact, that’s the whole thing with KAYTRANADA’s production as it clashes well with the content being about looking back at that harsh life with these extravagant beats. The last song “The Code” ends on a somber note reminding you that you’re going back there with the last track overall is “Paris to Southeast” with a skit going back to the DMV, playing it similar to the intro or the previous “Southeast to Paris” track, basically going in a loop.

This short EP is fantastic from start to finish with the signature stylings of both primary artists from IDK’s bars to Kay’s smooth beats. I don’t know when the next album from him is gonna come, but if this is something to hold us over until then, this is a great way to keep them fans occupied. It’s worth the listen!

FINAL VERDICT: BUY IT! Yeah, Simple as that….this EP or album or whatever….Simply amazing.


SIMPLE. is on Clue No Clue/Warner Records and available on digital download and streaming services.

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