Konosuba, Season 2 – Episode 4 – “A Betrothed for This Noble Daughter!”

On to episode 4 of Konosuba S2, and well …. watching this episode was certainly something. Mostly because of Darkness and the way she acted/how it all played out.

WARNING: There will be lewdness throughout this recap.

Aqua and Kazuma are still fighting from the last episode. She spent all their money on booze, so he gets back at her by stealing her hidden booze bottle, and she gets back at him by throwing his tracksuit in the fireplace. Kazuma also thinks of selling her pink rainment she always wears. Then, a mysterious figure appears before the group. They don’t know who it is at first, since it’s a woman in a rich, fancy dress. But her recognizing Kazuma tells them who it is. Darkness returned, and they’re all happy she’s back and worried about what Lord Aldarp did to her (While Aqua makes up more lies about Kazuma). She assures them Aldarp didn’t do a thing to her, but she has a bigger problem. She hands Kazuma a drawing of a handsome man, which Kazuma rips quickly. It’s Aldarp’s son, Alexei Barnes Walther. Because he is still steamed how Kazuma’s trial played out, Aldarp has made Darkness intend to marry his son. Darkness has been away for all this time cause she was tying to prevent this from happening. The thing is, Darkness’s father approves of this marriage, ’cause even though he hates Aldarp, he respects his son. Darkness came back to the group so they could convince her father that it’s a bad idea for their “valued crusader” to be married off. Kazuma knows how much of a mess-up Darkness is, so he has an idea: Have Darkness accept the marriage, but have her show how bad she is as to not only ruin it, but somehow not ruin her family’s name. Simple, right? It might work out that Darkness won’t have to slap her father for this anymore.

However, as they get ready for this, the prosecutor lady arrives again, asking Kazuma to go fight off weird monsters. He has the “ultimate arch wizard” Megumin go in his place to fight them off, as him and Aqua will deal with Darkness’s situation. The trio meet up with Darkness’s father, and she introduces the two as a temporary  maid and butler to her.

Should I mention how they always laugh at Darkness’s real name? Some friends, huh?

Darkness’s father asks Kazuma to make sure that Darkness doesn’t do anything stupid in meeting up with Alexei. If it all goes well, he’ll reward Kazuma for it. This makes Kazuma turn on her, for when she tries to speak up about not wanting to marry him/destroying the marriage meeting in the process, he becomes a gentlemanly butler in stopping her. As Sir Walther enters (I’m just gonna call him Alexei from here on. Mostly because I’m stuck with hearing “ALEXEIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!” from watching too much Sportscenter), Darkness tries again to ruin the meeting, only for Kazuma to stop her again. All she wants is to focus on adventuring, and also, Alexei isn’t her type. He is too good a person, got knighthood at an early age, and is too pure, which nobles aren’t suppose to be. I’m guessing you’re wondering what is her type, then? Why, I’m glad you more than likely didn’t ask, because I’m still telling  you. Basically, her type has to be a damn mess. It has to be someone who isn’t attractive, can be either fat or skinny, be in debt, be a drunk, be a damn pervert, be so weak-willed, that they’ll fall for other girls, have a weird-ass gaze that they make, kind of like Kazuma sometimes has, and the kicker, they have to be able to tell her to sell her body to make money.

As Kazuma prevents another disastrous meeting from occurring (He stops her with his “Freeze” spell, which it being  Darkness, she loves), her father decides to have them go for a walk. There, Alexei can see how well her and Kazuma get along, which gives Darkness an opportunity to turn the tables on Kazuma, by saying how she and him have “done stuff together” already. Darkness can’t keep this charade up, and rips her dress. Kazuma has a certain way of expressing this happening.

This adds more fuel to her fire, as Darkness wants Alexei to face off with her. Him, being so gentlemanly, couldn’t raise a sword to a woman. Alexei then confesses this: He came to meet with Darkness to turn down the marriage. However, seeing how “honest” she is and how she treats Kazuma as an “equal” (PFFFFFFTTTTTTTT!!!!), he changed her mind and now wants to marry her. Somehow, this leads to them fighting still, and it was a brutal contest. Because Darkness couldn’t even land a blow on the dude. That’s Darkness for ya. Still, the dude admires her strong will, and quits himself. He is very impressed by her. Darkness then switches tones, and wants Kazuma to fight her to “prove his depravity.” Alexei also wants to see him fight, so Kazuma agrees. He uses “Create Water” on her.

This attack is so powerful, it causes your already weird animated face to become even weirder.

Darkness gets so wet, it makes Aqua call Kazuma a creep. Kazuma then uses Freeze on her, making him “a demon” for doing this. But Darkness is still a prevert, so she loves this. She goes head on with him in a grappling match. She knows Kazuma can’t overpower her, so he uses Drain Touch to sap her energy away. She just instead tries to snap his hands. Because he doesn’t want his wrists broken, Kazuma makes a wager: Whoever loses will have to do one thing that the winner says. Darkness immediately agrees to this, and Kazuma goes with his next plan. He has one thing that will make her so crazy that when she loses to him. This makes her purposely lose her grip on his hands, and then she thinks too much, and believes it has to do with leftover bathwater after she’s done bathing. She falls over from this, and …. yeah, I can’t mince words. She may have had an orgasm here. Kazuma wins, but even Alexei thinks Kazuma is too much.

To make matters worse, Darkness’s father comes in and sees the aftermath. To which, Aqua says Kazuma and Alexei did it, and her father wanting both to be executed. After all this, her father tells of how awkward she was around people growing up, and how she even prayed at church for a friend (Megumin and YunYun has some company now). We learn her mom died when she was young as well, so he may have spoiled Darkness by giving her a bit too much freedom. He tells Kazuma to still look after Darkness. Alexei tells the father he would marry Darkness, but thinks Kazuma is better suited for her, which doesn’t please Kazuma. Darkness wakes up, and still thinking she is gonna be married off, she does this.

The lie works, as Alexei says he’ll tell his dad that he refused the marriage. However, it also doesn’t work since her dad thinks he’s gonna be a grandfather. And for some reason, Aqua thinks it’s real, and wants to tell everyone. In the end, the trio go back home, and the episode ends with the prosecutor lady frantically looking for Kazuma again.

This episode man. Wow. First, it’s still funny as hell, as the characters are still at their best/worst. We finally got to see more Darkness. She is always a treat on-screen, and did she dominate this episode fully. From her actions, to her pervertedness in that “Type of man” speech, to just being an all-around goof. She was A+ throughout the whole episode. But for real, I need to talk about the lewdness/fanservice. Konosuba is no stranger to it. Just look at the Succubus episode in S1 and the OVA. And this one had all the lewd moments in them.

With apologizes to Tyler for all the lewdness, this was literally the whole episode. Darkness’s big ass breasts were jiggling throughout the whole episode.  It didn’t help that she got very wet from Kazuma’s spell. But again, this is who Darkness is. She won’t ever admit she is a complete pervert, when she fervorously expresses it in any way she can. It’s as Kazuma said in this episode, “She has no shame.” And that what makes Darkness a pretty cool character. We don’t get a lot of perverted anime characters. And when we do, they aren’t given much development other than “Grabbed your boobs, haha!” Darkness is not like those characters. She not only received time to develop over the course of 14 episodes, she expresses her actions through them at times, even when she is fighting or any other stuff. We already know a lot about her, and seeing how she just wants to be herself here and not some pure guy’s wife was another great showcase for her. I’m probably not getting to some with this, cause all they see is T&A, and that’s it. But I can’t change them. This was a very lewd, very funny, and very Darkness-centric episode that so far took the top spot for me as the best episode of Konosuba S2 so far.

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