Konosuba, Season 2 – Episode 6 – “Goodbye To This Irritating Living World!”

The gang is finally rich, and life is good for them now. But as you know, this is Konosuba. Things don’t always end up this easy. Let’s see how it turns out for our gang of dorks in this episode.

As Megumin and Darkness want to go out, Aqua is putting up a fight and telling them she doesn’t. She’s acting childish and they say she could end up like Kazuma now. What is Kazuma doing, to be exact? Just being lazy in a kotatsu.

But why is he like this? Even though they beat Vanir, they didn’t enjoy it for long. They had to go tell Wiz about his death. But as Kazuma and Darkness got to her shop, they found Vanir there, alive and well. He spouts a bunch of stuff (including mentioning demons having no genders) and embarrassing Darkness. At least Wiz heard of their accomplishment, and is happy. But for real, why is Vanir alive? Technically, he didn’t escape the explosion fully. He shows on his mask it has “II” on it. He lost one of his lives, so this Vanir is “Vanir II.” Also, them “killing him” made it so that Vanir could leave his Devil King post, and stop maintaining the barrier, so he’s mostly harmless now. Anyway, Vanir has a money-making offer for Kazuma. He wants to sell some of the stuff that comes from Kazuma’s world here in this world, as long as Kazuma makes it with Vanir handling the deals and such. And that is why Kazuma is in a kotatsu. It’s the first thing he made for this. The girls try to get him out, but he uses his skills, including Drain Touch on Megumin, to stay in his place. He is also getting cocky since he is “beating the big shots” in this world, and think he can take on anyone. The girls have enough of his crap when he needs them to move him so he can use the bathroom as an emergency, and they toss him and the kotatsu out the window.

As the quartet are out in town, Kazuma shows the girls he had a plan. They meet a blacksmith who gives Kazuma a new katana he had made to order. The dude gives him a talisman to put on the handle, being able to name it himself. But Kazuma doesn’t only have this made for him for use in battle. He also has some nice armor to go with it. The Mohawk adventurer who is around a lot thinks this is the “birth of a new hero.”

As Kazuma tries on the new armor, there’s one problem to it: It’s too heavy for him to move around in. So all he has for now is the katana. Which, unfortunately, is too long, and knocks down other swords/gets him stuck in the door when leaving. He hates this already, and has the katana be whittled into a short blade.  Darkness and Aqua find a new quest for them to do: Fight a bunch of Lizard Runners. It’s needed because it’s mating season, and the Lizards run for their Princess in massive groups to become king. They trample anything in their path for this. Even though it’s dangerous, Kazuma says he and his new “partner,” the shorten katana, can handle it, even if he still needs a cool name for it. Megumin suggests “Chunchunmaru” for the blade, which Kazuma doesn’t accept. Too bad, because Megumin wrote it on the talisman and it burned onto the handle, making the blade now Chunchunmaru. Sucks for you, Kazuma.

The Kill Quest to kill the Lizard Runners now begins. As the group gets ready, Kazuma already has some plans. He will snipe the King and Princess Runners, so the group will disperse. If that doesn’t work, Darkness will take on the two Runners herself, and then have Kazuma snipe them. If that plan doesn’t work, Megumin will use her Explosion Magic on the Runners, as Kazuma snipes the rest that survived. Aqua will back up for these plans. Simple, right? The Runners come, and they can tell who the Princess is, but not who the King is.

Aqua gives a stupid answer by saying the fastest one of the purple Runners is the King. But she only makes things worse by deciding to use Force Fire to get the Runners to come directly to them. The Runners get mad, and Kazuma berates Aqua for doing this, as she complains about how much she always screws up. Kazuma snipes the Purple Runner he thinks is the fastest, but they only get more violent, as Aqua then tells him they get excited when their king dies, because they get a chance to be it. So Kazuma tells Megumin to use her Explosion Magic. She tries, but nothing comes of it. Remember when I said Kazuma used Drain Touch on Megumin? That’s why she can’t use her magic now. Darkness herself waits for the Runners to come to her. They do, and run her and Aqua over. Kazuma decides to take out the Princess himself. He finds her, she jumps high in the air, but Kazuma is able to aim and snipe the Princess in the air, killing it. However, the Princess Runner lands on the tree Kazuma is in, causing him to fall from the tree and landing on his neck, breaking said neck. Kazuma finds himself back in Limbo with Eris, yet again.

“I’m dead again? Oh well, it’s better than being Subaru.”

He apologizes to Eris for dying again, as she tells him to be more careful next time, and as it’s hard to bring him back. The other girls are okay, as Aqua herself is repairing Kazuma right now. As he waits, the two start to talk. He wonders if Eris gets bored around this empty place. She does, but that means everyone in the worlds are all okay. This makes Kazuma’s chest hurt, and he comes to a realization: His life is lacking a girl like Eris in his life. A kind, sensible girl who won’t diss him/do stupid stuff, even if she does sneak out to the parallel world from time-to-time.  Kazuma can now come back to their life, but he still wants to talk with Eris. Aqua isn’t having that, as she needs him to beat the Devil King (so she can take Eris’s place again, of course). Kazuma questions beating the Devil King with these 3 girls, and what’s to gain from it really. Kazuma tells Aqua that he is gonna be reborn into a baby, since he is sick of this life. He tells Eris he wants to be born a man again, with a cute , younger stepsister and pretty older step-sister. He changes his mind when he learns that the girls are messing with his dead body, so Eris opens the gate and Kazuma gets sent back to the alternate world. He wakes to find a sad Megumin on him, with Darkness crying too. Aqua won’t tell what Megumin did to him. Back home, Kazuma gets in the bathroom, and sees what Megumin did. He wants to get back at her, but she already left. Only in his towel, we see Megumin wrote “Holy Sword Excalibur” on his belly, which then has an arrow pointing down to his …. yeah.

The episode, while not the funniest episode of the season, was still an overall laugh riot, as these guys had everything happen to them int the span of this episode. It sounds bad saying this, but Konosuba is so much better when everything bad happens to these characters, and they get whatever comes to them. Be it trampled by lizards, dying by accident, or even having your d**k be nicknamed for you. What also goes along with this being funny is how the animation is. Again, DEEN is not gonna win any awards for “Spectacular animation” with this show, but the bad animation being so fluid in spots for these characters is just fun to watch.

I believe this to be intentional, as it does add an extra layer to how this show can work really well. Example, look at Aqua after she messed up for the umpteenth time yet again, and arguing with Kazuma about it.

Me screen-shooting it ain’t doing wonders for how glorious this scene was, with her just transitioning to different shots of weird stances, faces and reactions. The movement of it all was just all around amazing for what they do. This is how you can use animation that doesn’t look like a winner at its fullest. Studio DEEN does this with Konosuba, and that’s why you can sometimes overlook bad animation on shows like this. They make the show, and it makes the characters. A fun episode that made me watch that Aqua scene over and over again for how looney it was.

Konosuba S2 is simulcasted on Crunchyroll. It can be seen Wednesdays at 1:35 PM ET.

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