Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga – Episodes 8 and 9

It’s fair to say that episode 7 of Kyoto Saga did a number on me. So much so that I couldn’t watch this show for WEEKS. And I do apologize for the break in coverage, I just needed to take a bit of time away from this show in order for me to clear my head, get caught up on my last few weeks of school, and then get back to this show with a sound mind. And so, we’re gonna double up on this show’s episodes, seeing how I haven’t had much to talk about with this show anyway.

Episode 8 – “From Father to Son”

You know, I think I understand why Shura is only wearing a bikini top, Daisy Dukes, and black stockings – it’s so the viewers don’t get completely bored out of their minds while watching this.

Anyway, a being called Ucchusma is summoned, with the priests gathered to ask for assistance by way of a blood tribute. And because the plot commands it, the being grants the priests some additional strength and power, as well as some flames on their staffs. Meanwhile, our cast of misfit teenagers have found Bon’s dad, nearly passed out in the forest due to injuries, and not due to alcohol intoxication. Nice change of pace, if only for the bad circumstances. And then some more exposition takes place, stuff about how things are bad and these things have to be stopped, it’s the same ol’ song and dance we’ve heard four times over by now. And then Bon’s dad’s phoenix Stand tells Bon about how the Gouha-en can be transferred through people within the same bloodline… look, this show is dragging its feet with me. This is like watching a Triple H promo – it takes 20 minutes to say something other people can say in less than 5.

PLEASE PICK UP THE DAMN PACE, SHOW. I’m seriously trying here, folks.

So yeah, Bon now has the Gouha-en, thanks to the phoenix fairy Stand, and now he can kick more ass. Hopefully. Back to where the priests are, they’re trying to eliminate the big foam monster by way of fire, but Yukio’s managed to find Todo lurking in the back, and things pick up between the two, having a fight with fire and guns a-blazing, all with Todo playing those nefarious MIND GAMES against Yukio, reminding him of his and Rin’s father being dead, his place at cram school, Rin being the favorite son, you get the picture. It’s a pretty great fight scene, it builds and grows with a well-placed combination of Todo’s dialogue mixed with Yukio’s worrisome faces and flashback shots… but then the episode ends rather abruptly, cutting everything off.

For crying out loud, show. Come on.

Episode 9 – “Through Thick and Thin”

The best way to lay on some real thick mind games? Prey on someone’s deepest insecurity. So, naturally, Yukio’s biggest insecurity would be a deep-rooted resentment towards Rin, right? NOPE. It’s just toward himself; you know how brothers are, frustrations are just outward emotions of one’s inner psyche. And so, their fight continues on, because Todo won’t do a job for anyone, brother. Alas, not even a cameo from multiple Suus from Monster Musume can get my interest up. Meanwhile, Rin and Bon have found their way atop the, let me see if I’m spelling this right… “sporangium,” to fight off the evil beings manifesting inside, all with Rin’s trusty steed of a feline, Kuro, assisting them both. All over the place, it’s spores, spores, and more spores, growing larger and stronger over time in an endless flow of regeneration.

And it’s sloooooooooooooow.

There is one interesting part to point out, though, with Shiemi’s plant friend thing – aptly named Nee – growing human-sized to save… uh… her name escapes me, but you know who I’m referring to, the tsundere girl that nobody likes, to save her from the spores consuming her. Oh please, save her from a fate worse than death… whatever. I could’ve been covering Dragon Maid instead of this trite. Anyway, going back to Yukio and Todo for a moment, things seem to be escalating in the favor of the insane villain, but Yukio’s eyes have begun to gleam blue. It looks as though, if only for a moment, his own Satanic powers had begun to awaken… and then the priests arrive and one of them decks Todo in the head with his staff. I laughed.

This show has become such a slog to go through. It’s got the pacing issues of Dragon Ball Super, complete with the factor of it being an underwhelming sequel to an otherwise pretty solid and great anime series. And I mean what I said, I wish I had chosen Dragon Maid over this show. At least it’s almost over, and I’ll be done with it by this weekend. Amen to that, I say.

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga is available on Crunchyroll, with new episodes every Friday at 1:30pm Eastern, and is also available on, Hulu, and Amazon Video’s Anime Strike channel.

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