Konosuba, Season 2 – Episode 7 – “An Invitation for This Knucklehead!”

Last time on Konosuba, the gang met up with some animals, and it ended badly. For Kazuma. This time, they meet up with some more animals. Can you guess how it went? Yeah. It’s time to plan a destination to some hot springs.

The episode starts with Megumin being very shocked. Beause Aqua is serving Kazuma tea, like some sort of proper maid. She freaks out, as she apologizes for what she did to Kazuma at the end of the last episode with what she named his you-know-what, because she hates seeing Kazuma with this creepy handsome face like he’s living a wealthy lifestyle.

Of course, he says he’s acting normal, as Aqua again serves him tea. Or heated water, in this case. Darkness calls Megumin over to tell her why the two nimrods are acting this way. As it flashes back to what happened after the last episode ended, Kazuma is still furious over what Megumin did, and wants revenge. Telling him to calm down ain’t helping, and when he thinks it’s her who comes back to the mansion, he is ready to go off. However, it’s Vanir II, as he’s here to negotiate with Kazuma in Wiz’s place. Aqua wonders how he got passed her barrier. He passed through it, which Vanir II says was very weak. However, his broken, falling apart body says otherwise, even if he does diss Aqua and her goddess status to the point of comparing her to a peeper. She responds using Sacred Exorcism on him, and tries to take his mask. After this, the group have their meeting about selling new stuff. Vanir agreed at first to splitting the profits, but now wants Kazuma to sell the intellectual property rights to the designs. In turn, Kazuma will get either 300 million Eris, or make 1 million Eris per month, which he tells Kazuma to think over. Since getting this news, the two have been like this. Lamenting their stupidity, Megumin wants to go on a Kill Quest, but Kazuma would rather focus on business than being killed again. Aqua (kinda) snaps out of it, needing to beat the Devil King to leave this place. But Kazuma is so greedily focused on money, he says out loud of hiring other people to actually do the job of taking down the Devil King, then taking all the credit for it. It’s a very pathetic moment that Megumin can’t accept, and that Darkness … actually, Darkness loves this version of Kazuma.

As Kazuma mentions his neck that got broken last time, Megumin tells them they should go to Arcanretia, city of water and hot springs. This gets Aqua and Kazuma finally back to normal, and they agree to go to the hot springs to relax. As they get ready, Kazuma goes to see Vanir and tells him he’ll make his decision after the hot springs trip. While there, he finds Wiz all burned to a crisp. Why? It flashes back to Wiz trying to sell some stuff Vanir didn’t want to, and he used a Murder Ray on her. It was a portable toilet accessory to use on the road. It also had a bunch of kinks to it. Like flooding a city with the water. Anyway, Vanir has Kazuma take Wiz along on their trip. (Know who wasn’t invited? YunYun, who tries to have another match with Megumin at the mansion.) As Kazuma arrives with Wiz, Aqua can see Wiz is fading away. He heals her by Drain Touching Darkness, who helps out by choking Kazuma like he’s Bart.

Aqua finds a wagon for them to use, which has a baby Red Dragon on board as well. And no, it’s not a cute loli dragon daughter raised by a human and her lesbian dragon maid. Just a normal dragon. Aqua wants a good seat, but since there’s not enough seats in the wagon, one will have to sit in back. So it’s time for a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who does. Aqua demands everyone  play to see who does, but Kazuma says he will face Aqua 3 times. If he loses even once, he’ll sit in back. He’s very confident at his chances.

He actually does it, having Aqua complain he cheated. She wants another go, using Blessing on herself to up her luck, and still loses again. She gets mad, they fight and bicker like an odd couple once again, until the wagon finally takes off, with the loser in back.

Th wagons take off, as the townsfolk go on their business, and Mohawk Guy gives the group a thumps-up for encouragement. The countryside scenery impresses Darkness, Megumin likes the baby dragon (but thinks Chomusuke is cuter) and Kazuma likes how they are on this nice trip. They make it to the desert, where Kazuma sees something with Foresight from a distance. He tells the wagon owner of it, who says it could be 3 animals: The Lizard Runners, a Sand Whale, or Running Hawk Kites. The Kites are dangerous, mostly during mating season, and they usually charge straight ahead into things like rocks. As the dust cloud gets closer, the wagon guy can see they are the Kites.

The thing is, they are heading right towards the wagon. The wagon owner quips how they like the element adamantite, and as Darkness see the birds, the realizations comes right away: Darkness has adamantite in her armor.  The wagons stop so the adventurers can protect them as Darkness face the Running Hawk Kites head on. They feel sorry for her, but Kazuma doesn’t. It’s their fault they’re in this mess, and even though he doesn’t, he and the group have to fight to clean it up.  The other adventurers go on out to fight, but Darkness rushes ahead and uses Decoy to lure the birds to her. They think she is totally brave for this. Kazuma knows she is doing this for her own weird-ass pleasure. Another adventurer uses Bind on the Kites, but Darkness jumps in the way to get all tangled up. As the adventurers love what she is doing, Kazuma profusely apologizes to them for what she really is doing.

As far as this episode goes, it was an okay one for most of the first half. It really got going in the 2nd half with the Rock-Paper-Scissors fight, and the Running Hawk Kites at the end. The overall set up was basically a ploy to get to the hot springs later on. But, we did get to see Studio DEEN actually make the scenery in the background look terrific. I was just as amazed as Darkness was with how beautiful it looked, which is a plus for the animation on this show. Yes, the way they make the bad animation look good is what makes Konosuba what it is, but I have to give Studio DEEN credit for making the places on here exquisite. Other than that, I got nothing else to say. It was just an okay episode that is setting up for another adventure. Wait, I do have one more thing to add: Chomusuke was at it with Wiz again.

I wish I was that cat so badly. I’m not sorry at all for that statement.

Konosuba S2 is simulcasted on Crunchyroll. It can be seen at 1:35 PM on Wednesday

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