Konosuba, Season 2 – Episode 10 – “God’s Blessings on This Wonderful Party!”

I’m finally here. The last episode of Season 2 of Konosuba. It was fun to be with these gang of dorks and their various adventures, misfortunes, mess-ups, and overall weirdness of trying to survive the world they are in. Well, mostly Kazuma trying to survive anyway. Here’s the final review, with my thoughts on the season at the end as well.

The town still wants the “impostor” to come out, as the gang fly out of the inn, as they give chase. Aqua thinks the water source is the problem. If she can purify it, the hot springs should go back to normal. Of course, she still wants to help her followers, as they chase them through town. The gang get to the main water source area, but they can’t get in, as an overseer as barred anyone from going in. That includes arch-priests like Aqua. She tries to begs her way in, bait the two guards by telling them they’re attractive, and allow access cause she is with the Axis Church, which doesn’t work on the guards since they’re of Eris faith.  She gets desperate and says she spread terrible things they said of Axis Church through town, but they recognize her as the blue-hair girl causing a ruckus through town. So, Kazuma steps in using Darkness at her most useful point. Megumin announces that she is part of the Dustiness Family, one of the more famous Eris Church members, but Darkness doesn’t want to show her charm she has. The whole gang has to wrestle away the charm from her, and the guards let them in. She hated being called a pain by Kazuma, but Kazuma did it as her friend, for being a their trusted crusader. She buys in to the praise too easily. They get to the water, but it’s already poisoned black, as the water source may be contaminated as well. When they get to the source, they find someone there. Surprisingly, it’s the detergent guy Kazuma met before, who went insane cause of the Axis Church member hi-jinks. Kazuma sees him about to drop in the poisoned water and tries to stop him, but only his hand gets in the boiling poison.

The guy seems normal right now, but when he sees Wiz, he turns his head away from her quickly. Why? Because Wiz knows this dude. His name is Hans. He is a type of Deadly Poison Slime mutant. Hans is the one poisoning the water. As Wiz reveals more about Hans, he tries to leave, but Kazuma and the girls aren’t letting him. Instead, he turns his attention back to Wiz, since she’s “opposing him.” Other than maintaining the Devil King’s barrier, all she’s doing now is saying “hi.” (Which is “opposing him” to Hans.) We also learn that Wiz was an arch-wizard at one point. As Aqua is pissed at being blamed by Hans, Kazuma decides he will fight him in Wiz’s place, with his trusty partner, Chunchunmaru. There’s only one problem: Kazuma was lead to believe slimes are the weakest of the monsters here. That was a lie. In fact, Hans is one of the Devil King’s leaders, with a higher bounty than most. In fact, slimes not only can take most physical attacks, but if it gets a hold of anyone, they can either melt them to death, or smother them whole. Plus, seeing how Hans is affecting the hot springs, touching him means instant death. At least Aqua can resurrect Kazuma. Unless Hans digests his whole body, then it’s a no. This immediately turns into an Emergency Quest to kill Hans, but Kazuma ain’t having that. So much so, this happens

He runs as the others follow, as he knows how dangerous Hans now is. But adding to the problem is the townsfolk are still after Aqua, and they followed them here. He and Megumin suggest on giving up on these nutjobs, but Aqua still won’t. She heads off to face Hans herself. Knowing things will only get worse, the gang decides to follow suit. As they get back to Hans, he tells them that when he’s done with the hot springs, he’ll be done with this disgusting town too. He also says he ate the real overseer. This gets, of all people, Wiz angry. So angry, she uses “Cursed Crystal Prison” on him, freezing his hand.

I’m not sorry for this. To Wiz, any adventurer, knight, or so facing monsters are to prepare to die facing stuff like this. But, innocent people are another thing, and she’s mad at Hans for breaking it. As Hans sees the former “Ice Witch” in all her glory, he breaks free from the ice, and starts to transform into what he actually is.

Hans spreads poison everywhere as he does, hitting the water source, too. Aqua tries her best to save it, as the townsfolk arrive to see what’s going on. She tries to purify it as best she can, but the poison burns her. Aqua is still not giving up on them, as the town now see she was the real deal. They not only cheer her on, but try to help her by tossing soap/detergent at Hans. Of course they get in the way, and Darkness telling them to run won’t help since they won’t listen to a member of the Eris Church. Hell, they throw shit at her too, and even sweep her like a dust bunny.

The gang try to figure out how to end Hans. Megumin can’t use Explosion Magic without making having Hans’s body make a poisonous mess everywhere. Wiz can’t freeze him at his size/her current magical level. They just need to make him smaller. As Kaz looks at Hans, he notices that the overseer’s body, while now a skeleton, has not yet been digested. As he remembers Aqua saying she can relieve a person who hasn’t been digested, this gets a plan. Having everyone chip in (with Darkness protecting the dumb cult), Kazuma gets Hans’s attention before he can eat Aqua, and has him chase him. Wondering how the world balance is, he also knows Hans’s luck ran out as he ran into them. As the girls get ready, Kazuma goes to a cliff, and jumps off as Hans attacks him. Kazuma leaves it to them, as Hans’s poisonous body engulfs him, instantly killing Kazuma. Megumin uses her most powerful Explosion Magic on Hans, causing a big mess, even having Darkness get hit by some slime protecting the Axis Church loli. Hans’s body is now a skeleton, but it won’t stop Wiz from using Cursed Crystal Prison to freeze him some more. He breaks, looking like they finally beat him. But Hans is still not done, only he’s kinda tiny now.

However, Aqua comes to him, as the town starts to chant , and she joins in. She delivers a God Blow on Hans. But he isn’t stopping, as he tries to take over Aqua’s right arm. As we see Kazuma’s skeletal remains aren’t in Hans anymore, the town starts to do a weird motto that they use to praise and cheer their goddess on. Light starts to form in Aqua’s other arm, as the light comes from her faithful people. With the “Slay the Demon! Defeat the Devil King! chant to use, she uses “God Requiem” on Hans. It finally dawns on Hans this is the “wretched” goddess that has their people have annoyed him with. It is an awesome moment for Aqua, as she sends Hans to the netherworld.

The battle is finally over. Kazuma, after seeing Eris again, is back to himself. And the town praises their goddess and the gang for saving them all. Wait, I got that wrong. What I meant to say was, they were unappreciated for all their efforts. Why?  Beause Aqua’s God Requiem was a double-edged sword. Yes, it saved them, but it also turned all the hot springs into just hot water, accomplishing the goal Hans basically had in mind. Oops. They had to go home by wagon as the town hated them since Wiz couldn’t teleport them. (She was also in the way of Aqua’s attack.) The tripped sucked big time, and the gang is glad they are back in Axel, as the town gives them a big welcome back. The group arrive home to find YunYun still there, waiting all this time to fight Megumin. Megumin gives in and challenges her, as the others make it back into their cozy mansion. Kazuma will enjoy all this unfair, impossibly cruel, wonderful world has to offer. May God Bless It, and you.

With that, Konosuba S2 is done. The final episode was as awesome as expected. I’ll admit, I didn’t see Hans as the final boss on here. But boy, did he deliver in being at least a fun character going crazy because of the town. I sort of wish we had more time with him like we did with Verdia. But Hans did provide us with something that I think we all wanted to see: Aqua finally getting her moment of glory.

Aqua is usually the most annoying character on this show, and for good reasons. She gloats too much, has a bad personality, and is mostly fails at being even a goddess. But this episode was as good as we saw her through the series. It’s amazing what Aqua can do when she can put her mind to it. Sure, it’s better if she’s a total bitch who messes everything up. But I’ll give her all the credit this time around. She wanted to help her followers, and she followed through. Even if it went badly at the end. After fun was seeing Wiz actually be great too. She doesn’t get much screen time, and usually, bad stuff happens to her (usually ’cause of Aqua) or she just gets focused on her two big features. So it was awesome to see her angry and actually get to contribute as well. And as for Kazuma? He was cool coming up with that plan of his that basically killed himself. Which, credit due, it worked.  Overall, a fun final episode to this season.

As for the overall season, it was just as good as the first season. People did have some complaints about the animation Studio DEEN did with it. Hell, the opening animation may have been one of the worst animated opening I have seen. But that’s Konosuba for you. By the way, the opening “TOMORROW” by Machico, who did the S1 opening, and “Oie ni Kaeritai,” sung by Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness’s voice actresses, who also did the S1 ending, are still as good as Season 1’s songs. Even with it, they use that so-called bad animation to highlight the characters, their moves, faces, reactions, everything. I said it in an earlier review, but it’s still a great way to take what you have and make it into something awesome. Studio DEEN should get full credit for making the characters the way they are. But hey, they do get some credit for making the final episode as beautiful as it was. And not all of it was ugly looking. The towns and lands were beautifully made. The fight scenes were very decent. And I got enough reaction shots from the funny faces of the gang to last a lifetime. The characters were still fun, goofy, annoying, useless, and maybe all the above in most cases, as were the case. The overall comedy was still a laugh riot for me. And overall, I think Konosuba once again will top the Best Comedy Anime of the Year lists like last year. It could be Anime of the Year on some as well. Season 1 was on my list, and Season 2 looks like it will have a good chance at it, too. Now, saying all this, I still think Konosuba was the second best Winter 2017 anime. Sorry Konosuba, you ain’t topping Maid Dragon for the best spot. But as I said, it was still a fun, Darkness-aroused, Megumin-exploding, Chomusuke-playing-with-boobs having, Aqua-annoying, Kazuma-annoyed face, wild ride. Here’s to one more round of goddesses not wearing any panties from this season.

And here’s to hoping there’s a Season 3 sometime in the future. I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.

Konosuba is produced by Studio DEEN. The anime has not been licensed by any US anime licensors. Both seasons of Konosuba can be seen on Chrunchyroll.

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