My Hero Academia, Season 2 – Episode 21 – “Battle On, Challengers!”

The first two fights are done, as the 1st round tournament rages on.

After all of the ice gets melted, the 3rd match is underway. It’s Kaminari vs Class B student Ibara Shiozaki. She doesn’t like being called “an assassin” in any way like Present Mic called her to engage the audience. She has only pure intentions to fight. What she also is pretty cute, as Kaminari notices away.

The battle starts, and as Kaminari thinks with something else before asking her out after this match, he also uses Indiscriminate Shock: 1.3 Million Volts. Shiozaki turns around, has her hair vines create a barrier to protect from his electricity, and then has said hair wrap him all up. The match is over, as Kaminari loses instantly. Her Quirk, Vines, extend and detach from her head, and with plenty of sun and water, can grow instantly. Plus, with her vines acting as lightning rods, Kaminari had no chance of winning. Class B is happy she won, while a little jerk disses them for Kaminari’s stupidity. And Mt. Lady wants Shiozaki as a sidekick, mostly because she’s cute. Then there’s Izuku, who takes notes on the fight, muttering to himself as the others are astounded/very annoyed by this.

Izuku does this to keep tabs on Quirks he doesn’t see outside of class. He also has Class A’s Quirks down too, showing a freaked-out Uraraka all of the notes on her.

The 4th match begins, as it’s Iida vs Hatsume. Since he’s up against a support class member, Iida decides to wear some support items that Mei gave him, because she wanted it to be a fair fight. He couldn’t ignore this, but didn’t read up on signing the petitions to use them. However, seeing this, Midnight allows it, so Iida gets to use it. Of course, since she was on his team, Izuku knows Mei is up to something. The match starts as Iida charges at her, but Mei starts to speak into a mic to the audience. She presents her stuff that not only she is using, but Iida is using as well to the supporting companies. Her Quirk is mentioned as she has Zoom, where she can see clearly up to 5kms away. But mostly, this is all about “her babies,” and how she presenting them. She really couldn’t care less about the fight, unlike Iida, who tries to fight her, but her items like the Capture Net, her hover shoes, etc. make it difficult. Even Iida’s gizmos he has are being presented. It goes on like this for 10 minutes, until she’s out of items to show. She steps out of bounds after it, as Iida wins. But he is SUPER PISSED about being made of fool of. That’s what a honest person like Iida gets for being too trusting. As Izuku takes more notes, Uraraka leaves.

The 5th match is Mina vs Aoyama. Tsuyu roots for her friend, and so does Mineta. Just for different reasons.

This isn’t Senran Kagura, you little pervert

After Izuku gives us the insight on them, the match starts with Aoyama shooting his stomach laser from his belt as usual, but Mina dodges them and slides on the ring with her solution. They both know each other’s Quirks well, but Mina knows she has this because of one thing: If Aoyama shoots his lasers for too long, he gets a stomachache. As she keeps dodging his attacks, the inevitable happens, and Aoyama can’t keep up. She fires some acid at his belt, ruining it (and dropping his pants), she closes in and finishes off this match.

Mina happily advances, as Mineta gets what was coming to him.

The next match is Fumikage vs Yaoyorozu. She knows how powerful Fumikage’s Dark Shadow is, so she tries to form a plan that involves using her Creation to make a shield, then strike with a weapon. But the match starts quickly, and Dark Shadow strikes, only allowing Yaoyorozu to form just a shield. It’s all she can do as Dark Shadow attacks her with quick, powerful blows. The last one sends her down the ring, but Fumikage stops attacking after it. She thinks that she has an opening, and creates a weapon, but Midnight calls the match. Yaoyorozu is out of bounds, meaning the match is over. She’s disappointed by how it ended, as Izuku can only see how amazing Fumikage is. He beat her by attacking her shield, as to not her hurt at all. It’s then that Izuku finally notices that Uraraka is gone.

The 7th match pits Kirishima and Tetsutetsu against each other. Or as it is said, it’s the battle of the “Redundant ” Quirks. As the match starts between the almost-same Quirk users, we find Uraraka in the waiting room with Iida, being all nervous and scared (You can tell with her eyebrows) with her upcoming fight with Bakugo looming. Izuku comes to see her, wanting to help her as he does got the notes down on how to beat his friend/rival. But Uraraka knows Bakugo won’t go easy on her. They’re all aiming for the top spot, so Uraraka wants to beat him her own way. In fact, she tells Izuku that, while he is amazing, she kinda felt embarrassed joining up with Izuku in the Cavalry Battle after Iida challenged him.  That cause she is Izuku’s rival too.

The match between Kirishima and Tetsutetsu is as even a match as you can get, with both of them beating the crap outta each other. It’s so even, that the match ends in a draw, and the winner will have to be determined later by something like arm wrestling. At least they showed passion in it, making some heroes want them as sidekicks. But enough with them. The 8th and final match is here, as both Uraraka and Bakugo enter. Tsuyu thinks this is the most disturbing match, as Izuku wishes Uraraka her best. The match begins.

The overall feel of this episode is definitely leading us ahead towards Uraraka and Kacchan’s battle, as well as Todoroki and Izuku’s battle. But the battles throughout were fun in their own way. The best of them was no doubt Hatsume vs Iida, as Hatsume made Iida look like a damn fool throughout the battle. She made him look like a damn fool BEFORE the battle took place. This was all for her and her “babies” to get ahead in her future, but her just making Iida look completely stupid without even wanting to win was the highlight of the episode. She’s another example of MHA having fun, female characters on here. You could easily argue who the worst guy is on here, but just try to argue who worst girl is. For real, there may be none, no matter what Japan says. The other highlight was seeing Mina uppercut the hell outta Aoyama. For real, Aoyama has not been a favorite of mine since S1, and seeing him get his clock rung by her was perfect. Now we just need to have Tsuyu or the other girls do that to Mineta, and all will be right. Also fun was how this show couldn’t care about Kirishima and Tetsutetsu, because they are basically the same person. We did get Kaminari being an idiot again, and the Yaoyorozu/Fumikage fight left more to the imagination than it actually showcased as the downsides. But overall, this was the best episode in the last couple weeks, as the fights, along with the whole episode, were highlighted by some quality animation. They know how to give the Quirks their own life here with the animation they present. Next episode is our favorite gravity-defying girl vs the explosive, spiky-headed asshole. I need to prepare myself for it.

My Hero Academia is simulcasted on both Funimation and Crunchyroll. It can be seen Saturdays at 5:35 AM on both, with a simul-dub on Funimation.

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