My Hero Academia, Season 2 – Episode 31 – “The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain”

We had a fun one with the Stain fight the last two episodes. Now we are past it, and about to get to what’s to come for the future. It may include a very popular character in the manga finally making their debut.

A news crew are reporting on Hosu burning and how it happened. The news lady happens to catch Shigaraki and Kurogiri as they are seeing their Nomus be captured. The two leave the scene for now, all captured on tape. The next day, the three heroes who stopped Stain are in the hospital, all of them can’t believe what happened, as they think it’s a miracle the crazy villain left them alive. Gran Torino and Manuel come to visit, but they’re not alone. With them is a big doggy. But he ain’t just any doggy.

The Chief is here to talk about Stain, but mostly, he’s also here because Izuku, Iida and Todoroki did something they shouldn’t have done without their hero guardian’s permission: Injure another person with their Quirks, even if it was the Hero Killer. Their guardians will be punished for this, too. Todoroki tries to defend their actions, and gets mad at this. But, Chief Doggy wasn’t being specific. The police themselves all think they should get in trouble for this, but Tsuragamae doesn’t. If this went public, they get in trouble, but the public would love the three students for what they did. Since there were very few witnesses, they decide to have Endeavor take credit for this, and the trio’s actions would get overlooked without anyone knowing, and they wouldn’t get punished. They agree, as Iida and Izuku apologized to their guardians, and Chief Doggo thanks them for what they did. News spreads of Stain’s capture, with Endeavor getting said credit. The media links Stain with the League of Villains because of how Shigaraki and Kurogiri got caught on camera. A few people see/hear this news, including a scarred jaw boy, a big guy in the forest, and a blonde girl. Shigaraki is furious at this news, because Stain is the main headline, not the Nomus.

With the other heroes, Best Jeanist gets the news, and tells the others to remain calm as usual. Bakugo just wants to go home. Kirishima got the info, and now knows the location he got from Izuku was a SOS. But paying attention to his phone gets him (and Tetsutetsu) bonked by Fourth Kind. Yaoyorozu and Kendo were in one of Uwabami’s ads, and Yaoyorozu is losing it with all this. Uwabami tells them they’re going on patrol, finally making the two girls happy. Uraraka is talking to Izuku, and glad he and Iida are alright. Gunhead makes fun of her talking with her “boyfriend” on the phone. For Izuku, it’s just another day with talking with Uraraka.

As Izuku gets back, Iida got his injury results back. His left hand may be damaged long term. His left arm was severely damaged, with his left hand and fingers needing nerve transplant surgery to help. His regrets is not telling Manuel about this, and having his anger take control. Hearing Stain’s words about doing heroic duties and him being right, Iida decides to leave his left hand as is until he becomes a pro. Izuku knows what this is like with his own hand, so he promises to get stronger together with Iida. And Todoroki? He feels he is now a curse with the two getting their hands hurt, as Izuku and Iida laugh at Todoroki’s own new nickname, “The Hand Crusher.”

All Might gets a call from Gran Torino, explaining how his teaching license got revoked for six months because of Deku. All Might apologizes, but Gran Torino only got it to teach All Might himself, as a promise to Shimura. Gran Torino called about Stain, though, as seeing him made the old guy shake. Mostly because of his ideology and intimidation from his obsession. Stain also processes the same quality All Might does: His charisma. This charisma with his ideas will spread through the media and web and influence some, even if a little. Everyone who gets influenced by this ideology will then seek out the League of Villains, and will want to join. What turns into one or two will be spread to hundreds and more instantly. This may have been the LoV’s masters’ plan all along. Having a bad feeling, All Might believes that “All for One” person may be on the move again. The person who not only put a hole in All Might, but killed Shimura. All Might can’t believe that person survived their injuries. Gran Torino tells All Might to tell Izuku everything about One for All and All Might himself.

Two days later, we meet a random eyepatch dude with another guy. Eyepatch dude is hating how his illegal business is not doing well because of fewer crimes, and misses the days of villains being wild and free before All Might showed up. He wants to quit, but the other dude has a plan for him. He shows him video of Stain. Stain’s identity has been leaked, as he is Chizone Akaguro. The video talks of his past, and how he became obsessed with hating heroes as a teen, his parents dying, how he trained and started killing heroes, and spreading his ideology of wanting to return to the heroes of old. It shows the last parts of the fight, and seeing him scares eyepatch guy. The video keeps getting taken down/uploaded, but the message from both is clear: Evil is starting to come from hiding and is going to try to join the League of Villains based off Stain’s ideology.

As you may have saw from the last recap if you read along, I may have gotten annoyed by Stain spouting the “fake heroes” stuff throughout his fight through this. However, even though I may have been annoyed that it got constantly said, I won’t ignore the fact that it is a big influence on this show and what’s to come. His ideology and influence by how scary he can get is showing with these new people we have now, with more to come. Again, you saw how scary this dude was when he was nearly injure to the point of no return. That is going to influence villains on here, and gives us more story from the future. I can’t wait to see how these characters come about in the future, especially with blondey above. Not only that, but we are getting closer to knowing about All Might and his plus One for All’s history real soon, as that is gonna be a learner. I been wanting to know more about All Might (Sorry, I don’t read the manga. I should, but I’m not as big an avid manga reader as an anime watcher) so to see it come soon will be special. We will get to that after this next episode. What is the next episode? Why, it’s a filler episode about our favorite frog girl. Please don’t get all too upset about it. It’s not Shippuden or Bleach where it goes on FOREVER before going back to canon. It’s just one episode. But some already have gone crazy since it got announced. That’s anime fans for you.

Speaking of, I may say My Hero Academia on here. I’m okay with saying the English side on here. But if you want to say “Boku no Hero Academia,” like a lot do, that’s fine with me too. I see both a lot, so I’m used to it. Know what’s not okay, though? Throwing a damn temper tantrum just because people are saying the Japanese version. Look, I get that the name of the title is in English on the logo. But to police others for it and be an all-along asshole ’cause you get triggered over people saying something that’s in another language? Come on, people, lightened up. It’s just a Japanese cartoon. I would say I’m surprised and shocked, but it’s anime fans. They know no bounds when it comes to the lightest of things. That’s all I want to say. As for this episode? It was a nice set-up for what is to come down the line on here and beyond, if there’s a Season 3. Join me next time as we go into a Froppy filler episode.

My Hero Academia is simulcasted on both Funimation and Crunchyroll. It can be seen Saturdays at 5:35 AM on both, with a dub that is on Funimation.

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