My Hero Academia, Season 2 – Episode 32 – “Everyone’s Internships”

After the big fight we had and all the stuff that happened with it, know what My Hero Academia needed? A filler! Don’t worry, people. It was only one episode, and you didn’t need to lose your damn minds over it. You still did, because you people are idiots, while still sitting through tons of other shonen fillers that go nowhere. Besides, this filler involved Tsuyu, so it was already a winner compared to most.

It has been two days since the Stain fight, and five days since the internships started. Izuku is still in the hospital, as the Stain news still dominates. The three of them were mentioned being in the fight, but their injuries were ruled as accidents. Iida went back home to his parents, as Todoroki went back to Endeavor, wanting to see his Dad’s face as he got credit for something Todoroki and other’s did.

As for the others. Bakugo and Best Jeanist are patrolling, as Best Jeanist tries to tell Bakugo the truth about patrolling, but it’s not getting to him. Basically, just build trust with people is Best Jeanist’s message. This trust comes to play with kids, who know Bakugo. From the villain who made him look stupid. It pisses him off, he scares the kids, and Bakugo tries to work it out. Only, he scares the kids even more doing so. Then we go to Gun Head, teaching Uraraka how to defend from a knife attack. I had my own thoughts about Uraraka.

Anyway, she does attack, and Gun Head shows her all the techniques to stopping it. His martial arts amazes her, even if he still acts cute. As for the others:

  • Uwabami is patrolling, which is just her getting pics taken by the public. Sorry, Yaoyorozu and Kendo
  • Fourth Kind, Kirishima and Tetsutetsu are cleaning up a park.
  • Death Arms is teaching Jiro how to handle a hostage situation

Now we get to the main story. On the ship Oki Mariner, Tsuyu is finishing cleaning the boat deck as Sirius meets her to take a break. It’s mostly boring, as Sirius knew what this was like back then.  But after becoming the captain’s sidekick, she found out what was really important, which Tsuyu will have to know herself. We then meet the Captain, Selkie, who thought at first they were lazing about, but apologizes after learning they got done cleaning up.

The seal captain is a pretty cool fellow. However, he tries to act cute, and it’s nowhere near “kawaii desu!!” at all with his rugged machismo. At least to me. Tsuyu disagrees.

Moving on, the crew gets a message from the Japanese Coast Guard, making them take off on an emergency departure onto the sea. Some stowaways may have boarded a trade ship. None were found, but some cargo was missing from said ship. They’re smuggling brokers to others ships from this cargo. The crew’s job is to get the stowaways and bring them to the Coast Guard. They will search a small area of the sea for them. The crew on board will use the radars, while Selkie will search in the ocean. Selkie is the Sea Rescue Hero, whose Quirk is Spotted Seal. He does everything like the seal does, and make sonar-like sounds and use echolocation to find opponents.

It’s dark now, and the crew can’t find anything with their radar. But they trust their captain. The Coast Guard messages them that they found a boat believed to be the stowaways, which Selkie confirms. They will board the boat, but he tells Tsuyu to stay behind, making her sad. Sirius tells her not to worry, and support the captain. The crew set off a flare, and surround the stowaways. On board are 2 squid bros and a human dude, who tells them they are just fishing, as they find no cargo on board. There is a big containment that Selkie wants to check, and they open it for him. However, the 3 stowaways push him and his sailors into said containment. The human dude also gets pushed in by the squids, as the duo goes to return to their boss, Innsmouth. Not getting a response from their captain, Sirius uses her Quirk, Good Ears, to hear the high frequency sonar sounds he is making. He tells them to go after them as they’re heading towards shore. Tsuyu wants to get their captain, but it’s the captain’s orders, and the crew believes in him. Froppy believes in him, too.

The crew sees them at Double Rock. A squid girl is on-guard, and Froppy collects her with her tongue. After questioning her, Tsuyu, Sirius, and Mick the sailor board the ship. However, Mick gets inked, and gets knocked out by an octopus villain, who then takes Sirius hostage. The octopus dude is the boss, Innsmouth. Sirius tries to attack him, but he basically knocks her attack away. He wants to be free of the Coast Guard and take the cargo. Sirius has a radio on her, and hearing the captain is nearby, the octopus dude gives Tsuyu one choice: Tell the captain they couldn’t find the stowaways. In a predicament, Tsuyu remembers all the trust Sirius has in Selkie, and knows what to do. She tells them they’re at Double Rock, making octopus dude attack her. She dodges them, and tries to get Sirius, but he gets her tongue and got her. In time, though, the squid duo gets thrown at Innsmouth, as Selkie has arrive to face him. Octopus guy blinds him with his ink, but Selkie uses his echolocation to see him. Sirius grabs hold of octopus dude when he isn’t looking, and Selkie delivers a devastating kick to his face.

Selkie thanks the girls for capturing the stowaways, as Tsuyu is happy she came on this internship. She knows a little better now what’s really important to a hero. As the Coast Guard takes the stowaways away, a Coast Guard member sees Froppy, and Selkie tells him she will be an excellent hero one day. Sirius agrees, as the Coast Guard member hopes to work with her in the future.

So, all that criticizing people did about this filler episode beforehand? Guess what? It wasn’t warranted. This episode was a pretty good episode, as it basically showed what My Hero Academia is all about. About pro heroes, how they function, how their crew and sidekicks trust them, what it means to be a hero, and how the learning student can apply said learning experience to their future endeavors. This is what was showcased on here. Yes, Froppy was the main focused of this filler. But when you look at it, it was a collected effort showcasing her, Sirius, and Selkie, how she learned from the captain and sidekick, and how she used it to her own situation. It was a perfect way to highlight a filler episode, where it really didn’t feel like one at all. And that what has made this MHA’s 2nd season so good, focusing on how these characters interact with their situations and how it turns out. I have seen countless filler in other shonens where nothing of value gets done, and there’s no real point at all for filler being here other than to eat time. This one, while maybe not needed, did get a point across, as it showcased MHA’s strengths. Plus, it had some good animation, a rarity for a filler. Yes, this one definitely gets a good grade, as it was a nice episode. Sorry to disappoint you people who complained for no reason. Next time, it’s time to find out about All Might and his past. We are back to canon once more.

My Hero Academia is simulcasted on both Funimation and Crunchyroll. It can be seen Saturdays at 5:35 AM on both, with a dub that is on Funimation.

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