My Hero Academia, Season 2 – Episode 35 – “Yaoyorozu: Rising”

The final exams are on to the next phase, the practical exams. The first group of Kirishima and Sato didn’t pass. Here are the next 3 participants, starting with Tsuyu and Tokoyami facing off against Ectoplasm.

As the teacher makes clones, the frog and bird work together. Fumikage throws Tsuyu with his Dark Shadow on a wall, and she gathers him up with her tongue. Using their communication skills is best, as Ectoplasm is testing only one of the heroes’ weakness. That is Fumikage. Ectoplasm’s Quirk, “Clones”, which can create up to 30 ectoplasmic clones from his mouth (with up to 36 singing karaoke?) can be put anywhere, making it hard for our bird friend, since he depends on quick attacks and range to keep his distance from others and the clones can get close to him. Luckily, Froppy is there to back him up from the clones. It’s as Recovery Girl says.

She’s perfect, and is a good ally for emotional support, as she can keep calm in situations. Izuku remembers this with how she was at USJ. As they get the clones, the real Ectoplasm is blocking the escape gate. But he’s not done. He makes one giant clone of himself, and has it use Giant Bite Detention. It catches the two of them. As Fumikage has Dark Shadow try to get through Ectoplasm to the gate, with no effect at all, Tsuyu has a plan. Without Ectoplasm noticing, she wants Dark Shadow to take something. He can’t have Fumikage see cause it’s gross though. As Dark Shadow gets close, he gets the thing, and goes at Ectoplasm. He kicks Dark Shadow away, but not before it places the handcuffs on him. It was what Tsuyu was hiding. It was in her stomach, as she can swallow stuff and store them/take out things from it. She planned this if they got caught, and it worked. They pass the exam, as Ectoplasm congratulates them. Yaoyorozu knew they would, as she faced Fumikage herself before.

The 3rd match is underway, as Iida and Ojiro face Power Loader. Power Loader has the duo cornered, as he has a clear advantage in the area. Iida tries to think of a plan, as he knows Power Loader has made some pitfalls being underground near the gate. So, Iida comes up with a “Fusion” move of him and Ojiro. Which is just this.

Using Reciproburst, Iida avoids the pitfalls, but doesn’t avoid Power Loader. Thinking quickly, Iida has Ojiro wrap his ail around his leg, rotates fast, and using Recipro Extend, throws Ojiro. Power Loader tries to stop him, but Ojiro bounces off him and passes through the gate. The duo pass, as Power Loader praises Iida’s strategy. Izuku thinks Iida was very cool there. Just not cool being stuck in the ground now.

The fourth match is about to begin, as Yaoyorozu and Todoroki face off with Eraser Head. She’s nervous, even if she doesn’t say so, but Todoroki has a plan to beat Aizawa-sensei. The match starts. Todoroki wants Yaoyorozu to make small objects throughout, and if she can’t, Eraser Head is close. Aizawa’s Quirk can erase others’ Quirks by just looking at them, with the effects wearing off when he blinks. Todoroki will be a decoy, as Yaoyorozu gets to the gate. She’s not confident, right now, but is making a bunch of Russian Nesting Dolls as they are getting everywhere and being put in her belt. Seeing how Todoroki is making this plan, she thinks he’s amazing, but Todoroki says he isn’t anything special. This only makes Yaoyorozu go off on him, seeing how they both got in the academy at the same time, but he’s stood out, while she has done nothing. Todoroki notices her dolls are gone, as Aizawa is right above them. He gets Todoroki wrapped up, as Yaoyorozu runs. Todoroki knows he can free himself with his Quirks, but Eraser Head throws some caltrops all over to stop this. This fight is different from the Stain fight, since Eraser Head knows all about Todoroki. He also sees Todoroki is doing all the work, knowing he should’ve listened to Yaoyorozu, who tried to speak up before the match.

Yaoyorozu herself is still running, but her mind is going elsewhere. As Eraser Head catches up, he can tell she’s losing more confidence, as she has since the Sports Festival. He grabs her and brings her close, but she can still use Creation, and gets away from him with it. However, she goes in the opposite direction of the gate. All her doubt, and knowing Todoroki is better is making her suffer. Aizawa wants to help, but he has his job to do.

Todoroki is still thinking over the words Eraser Head said, Yaoyorozu shows up to free him, but with Eraser Head right behind. Todoroki apologizes, and asks her if she has a plan. She thinks since his didn’t work, her’s won’t. But Todoroki thinks she is more suited here. He tells her about the vote for class rep, and how she got 2 votes. One of those votes came from Todoroki himself, because he thought she was good. Hearing this makes Yaoyorozu think she’s disgraceful, but it does get some of her confidence back. She tells Todoroki to close his eyes, as the dolls in her belt she throws at Eraser Head. They open, and inside are flash grenades. As it blinds, she frees Todoroki, and tells of a “special operation” to beat Eraser Head. As they run and hide, Todoroki can’t use his fire as Aizawa got him. But Yaoyorozu did notice something. Aizawa is still dealing from the effects of the ISJ fight, and lost some time in using his Quirk, while an increase in time between using it again happened. She just needs time, even without the Quirks, and have Todoroki follow her lead. Eraser Head closes in, knowing he will blink, which he does. This allows Todoroki to quickly make the giant ice wall to block their teacher. Since they can use their Quirks again, Yaoyorozu can go to her next plan of action. Which is…awkward.

She made her own version of Eraser Head’s bonds. She has a plan that’s better than running that involves Eraser Head’s speed and a catapult she puts the bonds in. Eraser Head knows they’re up to something, but likes Yaoyorozu’s determination. Two cloths come out, as he attacks them, but what’s under them is Yaoyorozu and the catapult. She tries to launch it, but misses the lever at first. However, Aizawa jumps in the air, as she launches the restraining bonds. They get all around him, as she then has Todoroki use his fire. But he doesn’t use it on him. He uses it on the bonds, which are made of nitinol alloy. The restraints when heated go back to their original form, and they restrain Aizawa. They put the cuffs on him as well.

Going back, Yaoyorozu knew she made a mistake launching the bonds, but Eraser Head still jumped. Why? Because he thought Todoroki would freeze him instead. It’s why he fell into this trap. Yaoyorozu begins to cry, knowing she finally did something to stand out. They pass the exam.

The fifth match gets going as Uraraka and Aoyama face off against Thirteen. She has them in her Black Hole, as they’re hanging on for life. Aoyama’s belly lasers have no effect on the Quirk, as Uraraka wonders what Izuku would do here. Aoyama reads her mind about this, and asks her this: Does she like Izuku?

This episode had a bunch of things. The most important one was the evolution of Yaoyorozu. She has been a fan favorite, but she really hasn’t had her chance to shine in most episodes, other than being cute. This episode did show how she was handling all that, and she wasn’t handling it well. To see her suffer through a confidence draining low, to finally delivering and giving her all at the end was a great form of character development from her. I believe most of the MHA fandom roots for her in some way, so seeing her come through on here was a great way to see her character get better. It was also nice knowing how Todoroki felt about her character as well, and going along with her plan at the end and playing back-up to her was a great way to showcase his own development as well. Both of them handling Aizawa was how you showcase teamwork. As was the teamwork of Tsuyu and Fumikage. Both the bird and frog were great in their time together, even if we got a very-ahego meme face from our favorite frog hero.

Overall, this was a very fun and impactful episode that showcased the strengths and weaknesses of Yaoyorozu, and her rising up to take control of her lack of confidence. Next time, we see the end of Uraraka’s match, and 4 more matches, including Mineta’s match. The practical exams roll on.

My Hero Academia is simulcasted on both Funimation and Crunchyroll. It can be seen Saturdays at 5:35 AM on both, with a dub on Funimation.

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