Attack on Titan Season 3 – Episode 47 – “Friends”

Hey, I’m back with more AoT recaps! Did you miss me? Yeah, I know the answer is no, but we’re almost caught up on Toonami, and I fell behind a bit. So I’m going to try to get these done within the next week. This episode mostly focuses on Kenny and his past, and that means it’s flashback time! (Don’t worry, you can save your booze. This isn’t Shippuden.)

After a thing with Nile, we go to Levi a bit earlier in the cavern, who finds all of Kenny’s squad dead. With his subordinate, who he says “looks like he’s leaking shit” (a swell picture to imagine), they make their way out and find Kenny. There, we get into flashback mode where Kenny meets up with Uri and Rod for the first time, and he’s being squeezed to death by Uri’s Titan arm, with Rod pointing a gun at him. Kenny has found not only Titans existing, but someone stronger than him, as the council sent Kenny to find Uri.

Nothing like 1st-time meetings.

Uri can see that Kenny is an Ackerman. As such, Kenny takes his blade and throws it at Uri. He stops it with his arm, just inches from hitting his neck. Kenny profusely apologizes for this, begging for another chance (and telling him a bunch of vulgar things he would’ve done). Kenny’s narrations tell us that nothing, not even his violence, could save him this time, and yet, even with Rod not trusting Kenny, Uri lets him go, as Kenny pulls out a gun. Even at gunpoint and with Titan powers, Uri gets on his knees and bows to Kenny, wanting forgiveness. He knows the Ackerman history and how the King persecuted them, but even so, he tells Kenny he can’t die yet. This all shocks Kenny and makes him want to help Uri right there. It’s at the next council meeting that Kenny replaces the person who told him about Uri, as that person “mysteriously” went missing. It’s pathetic to Kenny, but it did end the Ackerman’s persecution.

As we see a nice shot of the Underground, Kenny goes there at night (not trusting being out in daylight). He goes to the brothel where his sister, Kuchel, works under the name Olympia. The desk guy tells him she’s been sick for some time, and going to her room, finds her in this state.

Looks like a corpse, right? That’s because she is, as the other person in the room tells Kenny she died. He sees a starved, near-death kid. The kid doesn’t respond much, but he does have a name.

Yup, this is how they first met. Kenny very sadly introduces himself, as he decides to take the “unfriendly brat” himself. He’s not so heartless that he can let Levi die, but Kenny isn’t a parent either. He could only teach Levi the finer things in life, like:

  • How to grip a knife
  • How to get along with others (It shows Kenny beating up people)
  • Bargaining with others (The ones he just beat up)
  • Swinging a knife

This is all you needed to survive the Underground. If Levi wanted to go above ground, he would have to do that all by himself. At least Levi can now wield a knife.

Back with Uri, they’re at his church, all preaching the ways. There, we meet Sannes, the guy from earlier on, talking with Kenny. He apologizes for killing his IP buddies, but Sannes is more taken in by the real King. He loves Uri and his words, and he would do anything for him. He asks Kenny why he likes Uri, as Kenny knows he’s the strongest around. Kenny talks of how only the strongest survive in this world, and with Levi growing and becoming stronger (AKA, just beating up random strangers in the streets), Kenny can see Levi can survive on his own. It’s there that Kenny leaves Levi.

Awww, look. He’s becoming the adorable psychopath he is now.

At a lake, Uri tells Kenny he doesn’t have much time left, as it’s time to pass on the Titan powers to Rod’s kids. Uri tells him that this world will crumble in the near future and wished that he built a paradise in that time. He knows Kenny’s way is violence, like the world at large. So then what made them become friends as they fought? Kenny doesn’t know. Uri knows the unavoidable truth is violence, but he still believed in a miracle then. Because of this, Kenny never saw eye-to-eye with Uri. Uri eventually gets eaten by Frieda, and she becomes the new Queen. She preached the same stuff Uri did as she got it, and Kenny doesn’t know how they have the time to spout this nonsense. Is it because of their powers? If Kenny had it, would he be the same? He eventually joins the Interior Police and becomes the captain of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad, introducing himself to his new cadets and telling all about his past with IPs. However, they don’t answer back. Right-Hand tells them that since the Titans knocked the walls down, and others gave up fighting the Titans, they fought a pointless battle for following rules and climbing up in ranks. This makes Kenny smile tremendously. He made up this new unit by himself, as it’s not legit. They’re here to follow his grand dream.

As it shows all that happened with Kenny, and what we all saw before, he reflects on if that power could make him be compassionate like others and if trash like him could see the world the way Uri did. The flashback ends, and we get back to where we left off at the last episode with the syringe. Kenny knows if he took it, it will extend his life for a short time but turn him into a dumb Titan like with Rod. And yet, Levi knows Kenny had the time and strength to do it, and didn’t. Plus he knows Kenny doesn’t want to die. So why? Kenny wonders, as he believes he knows why Uri spared him. Kenny laughs it off, as he amounts everyone and their ways to be the same: being drunk on something to keep going, and being a slave to something. Kenny coughs up some blood, and as he sees Kenny doesn’t have long, Levi wants him to spill all he knows of the First King. Kenny really doesn’t know, but he knows they opposed the Ackermans for that reason. Levi knows he’s an Ackerman, so he asks Kenny what he was to his mom. He was just her brother, is his answer. This shocks Levi, as it goes back to when Kenny left him on his own. He knows Kenny is his uncle now, so he asks why he left? Kenny puts it simply that he was not meant to be a father. Kenny takes the syringe, and gives it to Levi. That was the last thing Kenny does, as he passes on.

After this, we see a crown. It’s being put on the new queen, Historia. Everyone is cheering their new queen as the citizens know she’s the one who defeated Titan Rod. All praise the true ruler of the walls, and even Erwin is happy. He remembers her talk before the fight and how she had a plan to have people see her take out the big Titan. He can’t believed it worked. The others join her, as they also can’t believe she’s now a queen, but Historia has one thing on her mind: Mikasa’s words from before of her being able to punch Levi. Historia can’t call herself Queen if she can’t do it. Levi is waiting for them, as she gets nervous at first, but she gets the courage and punches him… in the arm. Everyone is shell-shocked by this except for Mikasa, who has the biggest smile on her face. Even though she did this, Levi smiles. He thanks everyone for their help.

In the end, we then see the Armored Titan. He’s been beaten in a city, and Bertholdt goes to help Reiner from his Titan. Who beat the Armored Titan? Why, it was none other than the Beast Titan. He tells them they can save Annie later. They have to get the Coordinate first. The dude who controls him appears from the Beast Titan, and he tells the two to wait as it’ll come to them. It shows a good view of the bearded guy now, as he has abs of steel. Get use to him in the 2nd cour, people.

Okay, now that the recap is done, let me get this out of the way first. Ahem …


Yeah, you will probably see that from many Toonami folks as well. Other than that, this was an okay episode that showcased a lot of Kenny and his past, how he treated his nephew Levi and raised him, albeit poorly and turning him into the lovable, frowning asshole we all know. We also see his relationship with Uri and how it came to be, his views on the world that shaped it, and even how he formed his squad along with him accepting his death at the end of it all. Also, it was fun seeing the end with Historia and Levi, actually seeing the shrimp smile for once along with Mikasa’s smug smile. Oh yes, I need more of that. The animation was great once more, as it showcased the Underground city wonderfully, and showed Kenny going out like …. well, I guess a champ is not the best words to use, but his death did feel genuine here. Kenny went from someone you’d hate immediately, to a badass that went out peacefully and someone you may actually feel for at the end of it all. Sure, he should have had some more time to develop and get to know, but this is Attack on Titan. Most don’t live long enough on this series to get a complete backstory on their life. Kenny is definitely the rare exception here. Kenny did say it best when it comes to the moral of this episode:

Okay, that’s not it. But …. whatever. It is what it is. Farewell, Kenny. Thanks for your short time on this show with short lives.

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