Konosuba, Season 2 – Episode 1 – “Give Me Deliverance from this Judicial Injustice!”

Hey, if you were with me with my Brave Witches recaps, well I’m back again to recap another one my favorites that got a sequel series.  Except this one came out more recently than Strike Witches did. Last year, we got introduced to a new RPG-like, trapped-in-another-world type of anime. If you follow me, you know how I feel about most of these type of shows. Or at least one of them in particular. However, this one was a lot different than the rest. This one was a comedy than the usual serious set-up, with 4 bumbling idiots trying to make their way through this world of magic, quests, powerful, perverted dullahans, and cabbages that attack people. We had to see the MC deal with the annoying female MC, who looks a lot like Asuna’s game character on SAO. Seeing how bad her personality is, I don’t blame the person making her like that. We saw her get all that came with her being the person she is. We saw our tiny mage make her explosions, and then be wiped out after using it once. And we saw our brave knight, who has a very bad case of S&M. All with our MC having to deal with them. Yes, it was hilarious, and I’m glad this is back. Welcome to the first recap of the continued adventures of Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness in Season 2 of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo!! Or in the easier, shorten version, Konosuba.

To start off this recap, a little back track to the Season 1 finale. At the end of there (a SPOILER!! for those who never saw it, and if you didn’t, why are you reading this?) Kazuma and gang helped save the town from destruction. However, there was a bomb that was teleported away, and it sorta, kinda, actually did blow up an important lord’s mansion. Why do I mention this? Because Kazuma at the beginning is in jail for this.  Hell, he’s in there on being accused of being a terrorist of all things. We do see the prosecutor charging and arresting Kazuma in town. His friends, being so dear to him, try to clear his name. Well, sorta.

The townsfolk also defend him for his freedom of being an adventurer. That changes quickly when the prosecutor says his crimes would be handed down to others who were with him, so they act like they have nothing to do with poor Kazuma. Except for Darkness, who takes blame for the actions. Only because her sado-masochist side wants to be punished for it. And so, Kazuma is in jail, wishing things would be different.

Then there’s a big explosion. Kazuma looks up and sees that Aqua has arrived to help out. That explosion was caused by Megumin as an distraction to get Aqua here. (Don’t worry. Darkness is there to help Megumin who, again, faints when she uses her explosion magic). She tells Kazuma he could be easily be executed for what he did, so she gives him a wire to pick the lock off his jail cell to escape. However, the lock is a combo lock. He tosses the wire back out the gated window and goes to sleep. Aqua just stays outside all night in the snow, waiting. The next day, another Megumin explosion happens. Aqua comes back again to tell how the two got blamed for it, which is true. But don’t worry, Aqua came prepared.

As for Aqua, she got questioned on why she was waiting. She also tosses Kazuma a hacksaw to cut the bars. Just one problem: One, Kazuma can’t reach the bars, and two, why couldn’t Aqua cut the bars herself? But don’t worry. Aqua has a plan. Her plan is to … bring a box to the guards and says it’s a present for Kazuma. Yeah, she’s a moron, and the guards aren’t buying it. Kazuma tosses the hacksaw outside and goes back to sleep.

The next day, Kazuma is with the prosecutor lady, and is doing some sort of lie-detector test. No, it isn’t one where you’re connected to a bunch of stuff. It just involves a bell, and a guy writing the results after it. She ask where Kazuma is from, and he says a student from Japan. The bell rings, surprising Kazuma. She asks again, and the guy behind him writes stuff down. He has to answer how he was a shut-in before, and the bell doesn’t ring this time. Next question, why did Kazuma become an adventurer? He answers, and again, the bell rings. He’s getting annoyed, so he answers truthfully in becoming cool, getting money, and meeting pretty girls. The next one is if he has a grudge against the Lord who’s castle he blew up. He doesn’t, and doesn’t have one against anyone, but the bell rings again, so he tells her how he hates how his friends treat him at times. To get to the point, he tells how he only did it to save the town. The bell doesn’t ring to it, so it’s true. The prosecutor lady (Yeah, the show didn’t actually give her a name) only heard the bad rumors of “Crapuma” and “Kazutrash” around town, and she is pretty nice. And gullible too, as Kazuma gets cocky and starts to ask for food and tea, how he saved the town from the dullahan, and goes so far to test the bell to see if she “has a man.” Her nice personality switches, as she answers it honestly (she doesn’t), so the next question is if Kazuma has any involvement with the Devil King. Kazuma says no, but the bell rings. He then remembers Wiz, the busty wizard chick, used to be in his army. Because of the bell, he is now on trial for this.

Kazuma is being charged for terrorism and being a part of the Devil King’s army. At least for him, Megumin and Darkness are there to back him up. However, Aqua is there too, and she is still Aqua. But another person is there, too. The lord whose castle Kazuma blew up, Lord Aldarp, is there, and yeah, he’s not happy. The trial begins, and they bring out some witnesses. Some of the people from the first season show up. Up first is Chris. She is up there because the prosecutor lady asks if Kazuma stole her panties with the magic move “Steal.” She doesn’t need to answer because a townfolks person saw it happen herself. Up next is Kyouya, the annoying sword guy in the first season who got his sword stolen by Kazuma, and then sold it.  They ask him this, which he says is true, and that’s all from him. The next witnesses are the two girls who are with Kyouya, and like with Chris, Kazuma stole their panties, and another town person backs their claims.

Kazuma: “Kill me now”
Darkness: “W-why won’t you steal MY panties, Kazuma?”

It’s getting to Kazuma badly, as the lord just wants him dead now. Megumin objects to this, as she wants some proof to Kazuma doing all this. Well, the prosecutor has proof. From when he damaged the town with a flood (Aqua’s fault), to the explosions that destroy/disrupt stuff in town (Megumin’s fault), and to how he can used “Drain Touch,” a move only the undead can use (that one is actually Kazuma’s fault). But the biggest reason? The bell going off when the Devil King was mentioned. Kazuma thinks he’s done, but the bell being there at the trial gives him an idea. He yells out loud that he is not a terrorist and part of the Devil King’s army. The bell doesn’t ring, shocking the prosecutor lady. The judge sees this is clear that she doesn’t have a case, so he’s about to call it over. HOWEVER, Lord Aldarp plays dirty by not having the judge embarrass him like this,  so the judge switches his verdict to guilty. Even though it now looks over, Darkness still has one last thing. She pulls out her family’s crest, as it shows she part of the Dustiness family, one of the Devil King’s greatest allies. She’ll do anything to help Kazuma, making Aldarp look at her in the most pervy way. The townspeople finally come to their senses as they know Kazuma isn’t a bad guy. Because of Darkness, Kazuma will have a “Stay of trial” and will be under surveillance for now. He thanks Darkness for this, and worries what Aldarp might do to her. Which gets her thinking of lewd things, of course. As she takes off, he calls her by her real name, Lalatina. So Kazuma’s has two missions now: Prove he isn’t in the Devil King’s army, and pay back the Lord for all the damages done. But don’t worry, that second part is taken care of, as the government comes in and takes all their stuff at their place, including his track suit and Megumin’s staff. The 2nd chapter of their adventure has started, As they’re now 1,240,000 Eris in debt.

How is Aqua gonna be able to throw up rainbow-colored vomit without the good stuff?

Konosuba’s first season was a real delight. A change to the “stuck in another world” reality where everything wasn’t serious, and they just took all they got and went full-out looney. This season, it looks to still remain the same, and maybe more. They still kept up with everyone being morons in some way, with Kazuma lamenting all of it. This first episode was great, as it took a trial that you see in Ace Attorney, and made it more goofy than them (Sure, it isn’t suppose to be goofy on there, but it sometimes is with the dialogue). The girls are still the same, Aqua is still a dumbass, and not only that, it was basically confirmed what we all thought from last season: She’s not wearing anything down there.

To be honest, her butt might be the best thing to come from Aqua. It sure isn’t her personality that wins her over. The prosecutor was also a delight in how she went from hardball, to nice, to not being f**ked with. Hell, she may have done an unintentional JoJo pose as well during this. The characters look to be back in A+ form in their hilarity.

Now to bring up another thing that has been talked about: the animation. Studio DEEN is still doing the animation, and while that is okay, a lot of folks have said that they may have done a different art style to Konosuba, and it doesn’t look as well as before. Well for one, this wouldn’t be Studio DEEN’s first rodeo doing this (Best example: Look at Log Horizon S2) and two, Konosuba wasn’t the be-all, win-all animation that took anime by storm in its first season. It had its faults then as it does now. But you know what? I’m okay with this. Cause we all got a bunch of great faces that are being made with these characters that we all get to see. Yes, it was there in season 1, but it looks like they turned it to 11 with them all this year. I’m into great reaction faces, as they can make a series. Which isn’t all that Konosuba is. Konosuba has a good story, with some very funny moments, and does make this feel like a RPG played by a bunch of noobs who never touched a RPG before. The first episode felt like it’s continuing down this path, and I’m thankful for that. This was truly a great “Welcome Back!!” from me. Now, let us all dance to Konosuba returning.

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Konosuba S2 is being simulcasted on Crunchyroll. It can seen at 1:45 PM every Wednesday.

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