Konosuba, Season 2 – Episode 2 – “A Friend For This Crimson Demon Girl”

Last week’s episode was a fun welcome back to Konosuba, as the gang all returned, and Kazuma was nearly executed by the state. What fun. Instead, he’s alive, and they’re all poor as hell now. I guess they took every ounce of money, since the animation was a bit different. But that’s okay, as it makes for good faces. Also, it’s a joke. It still looks pretty good so far. Even if the OP might be the worst animated OP I seen in a long time. Anyway, we meet someone new in episode 2. Well, fairly new if you didn’t see the OVA. I’ll tell it as we get there. Let’s get the second recap started.

As where they left off, the group is all poor now, and all cold from having no heat in their dead home. Kazuma does worry about Darkness not coming back, only for his worry to turn into images in his head of Darkness being Darkness. Megumin found a kitten, and wants to keep it. It allows Kazuma to pet it, but scratches Aqua, because it knows. The name of the “demonic beast?”Chomusuke. Yeah, don’t ask. As they think more about Darkness and her “ways,” the prosecutor lady (Her name is Sena, by the way) comes by with a quest. It’s a “Kill Quest,” where they have to beat the monsters near Axel. What are these monsters, you say? Why, the giant toads that appeared in Season 1, of course. Usually, I would hate toads in anime for reasons that make me go insane *coughNarutocough*. But here, they’re fun. The giants toads got woke up from hibernation, thanks to Megumin’s explosions. Because of this, they have to clean the mess up. And they start off so well, right? Nah. Aqua gets chased by them, and Megumin gets eaten by a toad. Why? ‘Cause she couldn’t move after using her explosion magic on a few toads already. She does make the best of this situation.

Luckily, Kazuma has a new skill to try out. It’s called “Snipe.” Using a bow and arrow for this, his high luck with the skill’s high accuracy makes it perfect for him. He uses this on the toad chasing Aqua, shoots through her hair loop (as said, very accurate ), and gets it in the head. However, it’s still alive, and it eats Aqua. So, he defeats it with his sword. As Aqua cries in her frog spit, more toads show up, and all three run. I say three, since Sena the prosecutor lady is also there with them. Kazuma tries to use both her and Aqua as bait to defeat the toads, but their long tongues get both the girls. It turns into something else all entirely.

Some would find this very sexy.
While this looks like a sad bukkake aftermath.

Also, Megumin is getting swallowed whole. It looks bad, but someone casts a spell called “Light of Saber.” It destroys the toads, and frees the girls. Who was this person who saved them? Why a very cute girl.

This is Megumin’s rival. She didn’t want her to be eaten, because that would be an embarrassing way to end their rivalry. Of course, Megumin pretends to forget her, making her sad. Well, she reveals herself. She is Yunyun, a Crimson Demon like Megumin, who is an arch wizard and a master at advanced magic. She hopes to lead the Crimson Demons someday, and for that to happen, she has to top Megumin. She was embarrassed at saying her name, because she thought Kazuma would laugh at how weird it is. It isn’t as weird a name to him as the “Crazy Exploding Girl” has. Now before I go on, some backstory. Yunyun has appeared on here before. Hell, she was in the season 1 OP as well. However, she didn’t appear in the overall season for some reason. Her first appearance was in the OVA where we do see her rivalry with Megumin begin. That is, if you happen to see the OVA like I did. And if you did, then you also saw this.

This is why Konosuba is such a great anime. Moving on, Yunyun wants to challenge Megumin to a duel. Aqua and the prosecutor lady leave them to Kazuma, who knows it’s not going to be fun dealing with them by himself. Megumin gives in and decides to duel her, but only in a martial arts fight, which they learned at the academy. Kazuma can see that Yunyun definitely knows her martial arts, but Megumin has one clear advantage: Being covered in frog slobber. This allows her to chase her, then grab her, having her become one with the toad slime. Meanwhile, Darkness is having stuff happen to her that she hates. Mostly, with clothes, I believe.

Back in town, Megumin gives Kazuma a sphere to sell. She could use it herself for more skills to use, but Megumin is only interested in Explosion Magic. At least Megumin is prettier than Yunyun, according to Kazuma. Megumin wants to give Kazuma a hug for this. Because, you know, still covered in toad spit. As they get home, they both have to take a bath, but both fight over who gets to take one first. Kazuma hates having her go first since “ladies first” from Megumin is bull. And Megumin hates that she gets treated like a kid by him, since he’s only 3 years older than her. So, Kazuma strips down in front of her to scare her, and Megumin says they’ll both bathe together to fluster him. He agrees, and she can’t believe it. Of course, he baits her on, and more stuff happens.

Yeah, don’t even ask

Eventually, they both get in the bath together, and so is the cat. There’s more talk of Yunyun, who is the same age as Megumin, but she, ummmm, “mature” differently than her. She hates her body hasn’t gotten better. Then to make matters worse, Aqua comes home and the bath door isn’t locked. Kazuma uses the spell “Freeze” to immediately freeze the door. He can’t have Aqua see this, and have her call him a “Pedo-NEET” or a “Lolimaniac.” However, he used up all his magic doing this, and can’t stand now. This leaves him at the wrath of Megumin, who wonders why Kazuma being in a bath with her makes him a “lolicon.” She bullies him, and Aqua eventually calls him a Pedo-NEET. But hey, the quest is officially completed. So that’s good, right?

Later on, the group decides to drop by Wiz’s store for their debt problems, and finds Yunyun there. She got word they come here, and waited for Megumin there all morning, instead of dropping by their mansion. There, we learn the sad tale of Yunyun, as she has no friends. She always ate alone at lunch back at the academy, and she always got exploited for lunch by her “friends” (and Megumin, too). Hell, her challenging Megumin is all she got. Aqua finds a sphere called the “Friendship Crystal” which not only a seasoned magic user can use, but can make friends with others with. Yunyun baits Megumin into using it with her, and as they put their magic into the crystal, it projects to Aqua, Kazuma, and Wiz the past life of both the girls. Guess what? It’s pretty depressing. There’s Megumin doing odd jobs and stealing food to feed her and her little sister. And then there’s Yunyun. It shows her celebrating her birthday alone, and has trouble making friends. She’s so bad at it, plants get up and run from her. She even tried summoning a devil to just be friends with her. The crystal does deepen friendship … by showing them their embarrassing past. Megumin smashes the crystal, and blame gets shift to who pays for it. The two Crimson Demons decide to call their duel a draw for now. Until Yunyun mentions how much she “matured” compared to Megumin. She retaliates by saying how she’s in a relationship with Kazuma, to where they bathe together. This makes Yunyun admit she lost, and she runs away.

This one, like the last episode, was a very fun episode, as that’s what Konosuba gets down to be being. Very fun. At the expense of the others. We got to see the toads come back again and wreck havoc on Aqua and company. We saw Yunyun fully in an episode finally, even though the OP in season 1 told you she was in it. We even got to know more about Megumin, from her academy days, to her having a little sister (who liked the way she caught food) to her only doing explosion magic. We know this already, but her putting all her stats in “Explosion Magic Power Boost” and “High-Speed Casting.” Or, getting a faster, powerful explosion off. And then there’s Megumin’s new friend, Chomusuke. He was there, just being a cat. Although, he did steal a scene or two. Like covering up Kazuma’s parts in the bath at one point. He also made it hard to focus on Yunyun’s depressing tale of making friends. Because he was in the background doing this.

Go on, Chomusuke. Just play with her giant boobs like they’re one of your cat toys all the time. You lucky bastard. Overall, this was another fun episode of Konosuba, sans the depressing tales of friendship and all the toad slobber. Season 2 is 2/2 so far for being a great sequel.

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